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The streets for shopping in Florence

High-end tailoring, class and creativity. The very best of Made in Italy.

14 September 2022

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With its high-end fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, antique finds and workshops for artisan and leather items, the city is among Italy’s top destinations for luxury shopping, where you can buy unique pieces and discover all the latest trends in fashion design. Whether you're a collector or a fashion addict, there are some streets and neighborhoods in Florence that you really can't miss: 

The luxury boutiques of Via Tornabuoni

The luxury boutiques of Via Tornabuoni

High-end tailoring, class and creativity! If you’re looking for high-end fashion boutiques, then your first stop should be Via Tornabuoni. Symbol par excellence of luxury shopping, this street is the home of the big brands. Ferragamo, Cartier, Gucci, Hermès, and Cavalli are located here and their boutiques follow one another in the entire neighborhood encompassing Via della Vigna Nuova, Via del Parione and Via della Spada. As you walk around, look up and admire the ancient noble residences of Florence: Palazzo Strozzi, Palazzo Rucellai and Palazzo Corsini stand out through the streets in all their beauty.

The jewelers of Ponte Vecchio

The jewelers of Ponte Vecchio

Tuscany, and Florence specifically, boast an ancient goldsmithing tradition. Ponte Vecchio's workshops sparkle and its exquisite store windows showcase craftsmanship and quality with handmade jewelry, diamonds, cameos and micro-mosaics. A shopping trip to Ponte Vecchio is a great opportunity to discover its history. 

Luxury craftsmanship in Oltrarno

Luxury craftsmanship in Oltrarno

Creativity and uniqueness are the engines of the Oltrarno district of Florence, near the Pitti Palace in the historic center. Strolling through shops and artisan workshops in search of unique pieces Made in Italy is a pleasure for those who love to discover original handmade creations. From Florentine bookbinding, to leather shoes, to gemstones and silver, the district showcases the skill of artisans handed down over the centuries.

Santa Croce and San Lorenzo, leather workmanship

Esposizione di guanti in pelle fiorentina al Mercato San Lorenzo

Santa Croce is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Florence. Stores, workshops, and leather artisans can all be found here. Visit the Scuola del Cuoio, or Leather School, where leathers are handcrafted, and discover all the secrets of Made in Italy. San Lorenzo, on the other hand, takes its name from the Mercato San Lorenzo, which is less luxurious but lively and colorful, exuding the scent of new leather still waiting to be treated. 


Florence is the right city for shopping and finding that special gift for someone you love. Design, uniqueness and Made in Italy are waiting for you! 

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