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Legends and craft traditions on the outskirts of Florence

Near the monumental city of Florence lies the small, picturesque town of Impruneta. The bustling heart of the town is Piazza Buondelmonti, where the Basilica of Santa Maria in Impruneta stands. The church is famous for the image of the Virgin, painted, according to tradition, by Luke the Evangelist. Some villagers who wanted to build a chapel dedicated to Mary later found the lost painting, following the lament of the Virgin. The story is told in a 15th-century bas-relief, housed in the Museum of the Treasury of Santa Maria.

Impruneta is famous for its terracotta work. When strolling around the village, you are sure to come across terracotta workshops and production sites, where you can observe the various stages of terracotta production by local artisans. This tradition has been handed down for hundreds of years, from generation to generation, forming veritable dynasties of kiln owners.

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50023 Impruneta, Florencia, Italia

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