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A town rich in nature and recreation 

An important tourist destination in Trentino Alto-Adige, Folgarida is a true oasis of recreation. Surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and numerous lakes, it offers the possibility of various excursions amidst breathtaking scenery.

Among the hiking trails, of particular beauty are those leading to the Pison waterfall or to the more distant Piani della Nana and Lake Tovel, also known as 'Red Lake'. The name derives from the presence of an algae that, in the past, coloured the waters a bright blood-red under special conditions. The phenomenon, unfortunately, has not occurred since 1964, yet the lake remains an enchanting and evocative place, also thanks to the presence of the nearby Rislà waterfall

During the cold season, the ski areas of Folgarida-Marilleva and the more famous Madonna di Campiglio will allow you to practice all winter sports. With its 25 ski lifts and 36 ski slopes, Folgarida remains a favourite destination for skiers and snowboarders.


38025 Folgarida TN, Italia

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