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South Tyrol

An authentic "detox" holiday in South Tyrol

For people who feel the need to take a break from the hyper-connected life we have all become used to, South Tyrol offers many opportunities to do so.

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Enjoying a few days on holiday is a chance to dedicate more time to the things we like best, visiting places where we can feel rewarded, perhaps alongside an agenda of activities and discoveries. For people who feel the need to take a break from the hyper-connected life we have all become used to, South Tyrol offers many opportunities to do so, following a kind of detox path from electronics and technology. The only "field" to think about will be the visual one in front of you. The twitters you hear will be those of living bird species, not the chirps emitted by a new post to check out on social media networks... People who have lived this experience have seen a significant reduction in stress levels, better quality of sleep and - at the end of the vacation - a sense of happiness and reinvigoration.

It's by no means difficult: simply have the courage to leave your smartphones and tablets in a drawer on arrival and only pick them up again when it's time to return home. The only technology allowed, if you really want to try detoxification, is a camera, as it used to be, when people on vacation sent postcards to friends instead of media messages.

Little Rangers on the hunt for secrets

Little Rangers on the hunt for secrets

Knowing every aspect of the Dolomites is what the "Dolomite Ranger" project offers for families with children from 7 years of age: a playful and engaging approach stimulates all the senses and every question children may ask is answered by assistants and expert naturalists. With plenty of experiments and paths of discovery.

A journey through the Middle Ages.

A journey through the Middle Ages.

There are more than 800 castles and ancient manor houses scattered all over Alto Adige a heritage of inestimable value, preserved and enhanced at the highest levels. Many of these buildings today are home to museums, others have become charming hotels where guests enjoy settings that were once home to the nobility.

Two wheels, a thousand possibilities!


You don't have to be good enough to compete in the Giro d'Italia to enjoy cycling in Alto Adige: cycle lanes are available hereabouts at different altitudes and various levels of difficulty. More experts cyclists will enjoy the bends of Plan de Corones, those less experienced will enjoy themselves in the valley.

Fins, costume and glasses

kneipp magre wine road

Even people who prefer "on the beach" holidays will be rewarded here: the lakes are breath-taking to say the least, set among vineyards and hills, and framed by the Dolomites. Lake Caldaro is the warmest but the others also merit a pleasant dip in the summer. This picture is flanked by the many outdoor pools, always located in fairy-tale scenarios.

Knowing and respecting Nature


Visiting parks does not only mean discovering places where nature is at its best but also finding out their secrets and understanding the value of protection and scientific research. Together with memories of fantastic places, visitors return home with a new awareness of the delicate relationship between people and the wonders surrounding us.

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