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Enjoyment in museums - real experiences and virtual reality

Many museums are by now capable of capturing the interest even of youngsters by playing with real and virtual experiences: here are 5 well worth a visit.

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Far from the dark, dusty places of the past, there are more and more museums capable today of capturing the interests even of youngsters, thanks to specific content and highly original, often interactive and engaging displays: here are 5 museums absolutely certain to satisfy your needs.

Turin: The National Museum of Cinema

Turin: The National Museum of Cinema

Located inside the spectacular Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of Piedmont's capital city, the museum traces the entire history of cinema from its origins to the present day. The set-up is interactive in many cases and develops an upwards spiral over several exhibition levels, displaying 1,800,000 works including films, photographs, equipment, posters, memorabilia, documents, sound recordings, books and records. The material is organized around three main themes: the archaeology of cinema, photography and the history of cinema.

Modena and Maranello: the Ferrari Museums

Museo Enzo Ferrari - Modena, Emilia-Romagna (Photo by: Musei Ferrari)

The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena and the Ferrari Museum in Maranello jointly tell the story and achievements of the most iconic racing car of all time and the founder of this historic company. His finest successes are all on display, including title-winning cars, drivers' kit and Enzo Ferrari's original office. There are also many exciting experiences to be enjoyed, such as driving simulators with extraordinarily real effects, and a tour of the legendary factory. The museums also organize educational programs for schools.

Bologna: Videogame Art Museum

Silhouette di spalle di un uomo con delle cuffie che gioca con un videogame davanti a un grande schermo in una stanza scura

The museum narrates the enormous and interesting technological evolution of video games, starting from the first ones to arrive on the market through to today's avant-garde versions. More than one thousand videogames developed since 1972 are on display, alongside installations, consoles, computers, prototypes and memorabilia, as well as stations where you can enjoy the most famous games in person. Recreational, educational and artistic events, as well as theme-based initiatives, are also organized.

Coverciano: Football Museum

Coverciano: Football Museum

Coverciano is home to the headquarters of the Italian Football Federation Technical Centre as well as this museum narrating the history of the Italian national team and the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). Emotions and memories come back to life through an exhibition itinerary replete with memorabilia including pennants, players' jerseys, World Cup mascots, trophies and cups, as well as impressive multimedia historical documentation with videos, images and sounds. You can also visit the playing field area where the national team trains. The museum also seeks to promote the values of football and sport among young people through educational courses linked to the culture of football.

Torvaianica: Selfie Museum

Torvaianica: Selfie Museum

Housed inside the Zoomarine marine park, this is a major new attraction for the summer 2021 season - and the only one of its kind in Italy. It proposes an enjoyable educational approach in an area of 400 square metres with 25 imaginative settings where people can take selfies with special effects, such as walking upside down on the ceiling, falling into the void from a skyscraper, swimming in a tub full of colourful balls and having fun with gigantic doughnuts. The museum also tells the history and culture of this unstoppable passion of the times, with historical photos that can be considered as forerunners of the genre. 

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