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Musei Ferrari: from Modena to Maranello, on the road with the "reds"

14 July 2022

2 minutes

It doesn’t matter if you never become an expert pilot or millionaire entrepreneur with your wallet ready for all kinds of crazy spending. If driving an iconic car is one of your biggest fantasies, you might just make the dream come true. The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena and the Ferrari Museum in Maranello can offer you the history and insights into the Cavallino Rampante brand, and maybe even the thrill of going for a ride. 

Ferrari Museums: an unforgettable symbol from the past to the present

Enjoy the display of flashy cars which have become legendary for their spectacular victories. Remind yourself of the years when Ferrari took first place and made history, or try to associate each uniform with the face and name of the driver who wore it. Enjoy the excitement of walking into Enzo Ferrari's first office, where the legendary history of the "red" was born. Are you ready to indulge in excitement and nostalgia? Then power up your engines and fasten your seatbelts – here we go. 

The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena: the project

The first leg takes us to Modena, where the museum dedicated to the founder of the Ferrari car company is located. Opened on 10 March 2012 by the Fondazione casa di Enzo Ferrari-Museo, the Museum aims to promote and preserve the history of motoring in Modena: Ferrari fans and collectors, give thanks. They include Gianni Agnelli and Anna Magnani, Roberto Rossellini and Catherine Deneuve, Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra

A Surprise: the “redhead's” father’s museum is green.

With a price tag of 18,000,000 euros, which included the renovation of the house-workshop where Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898 and which later became his workplace, the museum covers 5,000 m² featuring an exhibition area, events room, lecture hall, shop and cafeteria. The building is designed to meet strict environmental sustainability criteria, with geothermal heating and front-facing windows for natural lighting.

Nowadays, the site is managed by the Maranello company, which oversees the other holy sanctuary for Ferrari fans: the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, in the shape of a yellow bonnet. Why? Just cast a glance at the background colour of the Cavallino Rampante logo, chosen personally by Enzo Ferrari...

The other holy sanctuary: the Ferrari Museum in Maranello

Just a short walk from the Ferrari factory in Maranello, near Modena, and until 2011 known as Galleria Ferrari. Here you can admire the Cavallino Rampante car manufacturer's models as well as the awards, photographs and historical objects of the world of Italian motoring. From this point, visitors may enter, albeit only virtually, the heart of the Maranello factory, and retrace the history of the factory to the present day.

Fans will be delighted by three of the cars on display: the 2002 Ferrari Enzo, dedicated to the company's founder, which is part of the special series, only 399 of which were produced, the 2003 Ferrari F1-90 and the Millechili Model, a concept car made in 2007. 

About the legend

Since 1950, the Ferrari team has been the only one to have competed in all Formula One seasons. The Maranello brand has accumulated a number of trophies, winning 15 World Drivers' Titles and 16 World Constructors' Titles. Along the way, there have been many drivers and, to date, there are nine World Champions, who are celebrated by displaying their official helmets next to the single-seater model that won them the title. 

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