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Zoomarine: the animal show

The spectacular movements of dolphins, the funny displays of seals and sea lions, the leaps of lemurs, the darting of flying squirrels.

All this and more can be found at Zoomarine in Torvaianica, along the Latium coast south of Rome.

A unique space where there are not only exotic animals. Indeed, Zoomarine's mission is to teach young and old alike to respect pets first and foremost.

With swimming pools, slides and funfair, Zoomarine in Torvaianica is the ideal place to spend a fun-filled day.


What to see at Zoomarine

In the dolphin stadium, an exciting show of jumps and dives is staged every day with three talented performers. To find out more and observe the animals up close, it is also possible to take part in a poolside activity to talk to the trainers and learn from them the gestures that guide the dolphins in their performances.

The same can be done in the pinniped bay, where seals and sea lions perform, meeting experts who are in contact with the animals every day for 30 minutes.

In the parrot forest you discover macaws, cockatoos, amazon parrots, and toucans with their wonderful colours; in the turtle oasis you get to know the placid tortoises; with lemurs you can take a selfie; in the flamingos' nest you come face to face with the birds in an interactive aviary; walking through a forest with three ponds, you can see Australian pelicans, lesser flamingos, black-necked swans, wood ducks, sun conures and other animals together with instructors.


Learning to love pets

Not only exotic or unusual animals at Zoomarine: passion and love for animals can be developed by learning to take care of the animals we have closest to us, our dogs and cats.

In the company of a Border collieof a Maremma Shepherd and a Bergamo Shepherdyou learn the importance of playing and empathy in the upbringing of pets and their everyday management.


Water park & funfair

A day at Zoomarine is pure adrenaline between the exciting animal encounters, the irresistible attraction of the water slides, the amusement park, the swimming pools, the tropical beach and the diving shows.

Also worth trying are the fitgames, which combine sport and technology, and the 4D cinema.

For the youngest children there are rides on the farm train, a visit to King Arthur's castle, a carousel ride and a zoo-guide. 


Via Zara, 00040 Torvaianica RM, Italia


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