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Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna: eco-holiday on two wheels

72 hours
Best Period

Spring, Summer

If you like to visit new places while cycling, then you should definitely try the route we suggest. Three stages for a three-day stay in Emilia Romagna, in a landscape that changes metre by metre, among villages, glimpses of the sea, woods and hills. A cycling tour to be ridden alone, as a couple or with friends. Obviously, on a bicycle.

Stage 1 Comacchio Valleys: from Porto Garibaldi to Cippo di Anita


The bike tour starts on the Adriatic coast and pays homage to the hero of two worlds.

It starts from Porto Garibaldi, the oldest settlement among the seven Comacchio lidos, and ends the ride at Cippo Anita, the monument in memory of the beloved, near Ravenna.

In Comacchio, stop to see the Trepponti Bridge, symbol of the lagoon town. Breathe in all the charm of the town, known as a “little Venice”.

You will have the right charge to carry on with your bike ride to Ostellato. This location, dating back to Roman times, is where you can pay a visit to the Vallette Nature Reserve and then take the Valli Natural History Trail.

Ride along the archaeological area of Spina, a Greek-Etruscan town, and follow first the Argine Agosta road, then the Fiume road, until you reach the remains of the Pieve di Santa Maria in Padovetere

White herons and avocets signal the proximity of a freshwater area: continuing the ride, one arrives near theoasis of Valle Zavelea. Just a few more metres and the route runs straight between the lagoon and the surrounding canal. The destination is now near. At the embankment of the Rhine River, you can board the ferry and get off at St. Albert.

You are in the province of Ravenna. Just continue eastwards to see, at the junction with the Romea state road, the Guiccioli farm, the very farm where Anita Garibaldi died. Shortly afterwards, the memorial to his memory.

Stage 2. Ravenna-Bertinoro

The cycling scenario on the second day changes completely. The Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna cannot be overlooked. After the art tour, the destination is Bertinoro, the “Balcony of Romagna”. However, you have to conquer it on your own. Cervia, then Pisignano and then Cannuzzo are the first towns you will see. Following the course of the Savio river, we leave the province of Ravenna and enter the province of Forlì-Cesena. In the area of Santa Maria Nuova you are now close to the finish line, but the road becomes more impassable due to the gradient. Take heart and treat yourself to the tasty reward of Bertinoro, home of piadina and hand-rolled pastry.

Bicycle and pedestrian paths lead to Fratta Terme, an ideal place to regain energy, known since antiquity for the therapeutic properties of its waters.

Stage 3. Rimini-Novafeltria


Here is the final stage, one of the most popular routes on the Romagna Riviera: the Marecchia Valley cycle path. It is an undemanding route that follows the banks of the Marecchia River and enters the hinterland without too much difficulty. 

The start is in Rimini, specifically in Borgo San Giuliano. Without getting off the saddle, take a look at the murals dedicated to the great Federico Fellini.

Pedal to the riverbank. As you leave the city, cross the Tiberius Bridge and stop for at least a few minutes to take some souvenir photos.

Still on two wheels, you will find yourself in the open countryside, amidst glimpses of medieval villages. Push on to Verrucchio: its imposing Rocca Malatestiana will reward you for your effort. Then change river banks and climb up to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Saiano, whose tall tower you have already glimpsed from afar. You are about to tackle the final section of the cycle path. The last crossing of the Marecchia is at Ponte Santa Maria Maddalena. Now head straight for Novafeltria. You have reached the end of the line. Take the opportunity to visit the town, home to the Perticara Mine.

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