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Fratta Terme


Fratta Terme: the spa resort in the heart of Romagna

Surrounded by greenery, among mineral-rich springs, Fratta Terme is the perfect place to learn to love yourself. With 11 springs, it offers a variety of waters, spa treatments and wellness courses to meet all your needs.

You can also taste excellent local wines from the surrounding wineries and enjoy Italy's largest outdoor adventure park.


An ancient location: history and legends

In the municipality of Bertinoro, 10 km from Forlì and Cesena, lies Fratta Terme.
Surrounded by rolling hills in the heart of Romagna, in a valley crossed by the Salso river, this town has been known since antiquity, as demonstrated by the early-20th-century discovery of a Roman well, as well as the name of the town itself.

Legend has it that the first inhabited settlement dates back to the time of Troy (evidenced by the still existing Via Tro, ed.), when some war veterans abandoned the city to sail, together with Aeneas, the Adriatic Sea.

Whatever its origin, this town is well worth visiting for its spa, making it the ideal place for a peaceful holiday.


The spa

Fratta boasts a wonderful thermal spa, set in 13 hectares of parkland. You can savour relaxing walks among greenery and indulge in wellness treatments for the body and mind.

The recently renovated hotel, an imposing, historic building constructed in the neoclassical style in the early 1920s, has 64 suites, all with architectural features of the period. What makes the thermal baths truly unique are the seven varieties of water (saltwater, sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water, sulphur water, salt sulphur water, iron-rich water, magnesium-rich water and arsenic-rich), from 11 different springs: small but persistent jets that rise from underground, enriched with mineral salts, all with therapeutic and curative powers.

Then there is the Wellness Centre and Beauty Farm, offering massages and beauty treatments to restore your inner balance. We recommend making the most of the “Natural Harmonies Path” and immersing yourself in the thermal pools, steam room and Finnish sauna.
You simply can’t leave without first trying out the ice waterfall, sensory showers, Kneipp path and relaxation rooms.


The centuries-old Park and Adventure Park

In the 13 hectares of parkland surrounding the spa, rich in vegetation and bordered by the Salso river, you can walk alongside and drink the healing waters from the same springs that once quenched the thirst of the ancient Romans. You can admire different varieties of plants and flowers and find the Roman well, evidence of the first settlements in the area. All in the silence of nature.

If you want to combine relaxation with fun, we recommend visiting Around Adventure, the largest outdoor adventure park in Italy, housed within the green area, filled with aerial trails suspended in the woods, acrobatic routes and attractions for all ages.

The park borders a sports complex with two swimming pools and football pitches – perfect for a spot of exercise.


Events and tastings

Spring is the ideal time to visit Fratta Terme, not only because of the pleasant climate, but also to participate in one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year: the Strawberry Festival, which usually takes place around mid-May.
The park comes alive with stalls selling this tasty fruit at an affordable price, alongside various delicacies, from cocktails to sweet treats (strawberry-based, of course), as well as organic food from the local food and wine industry.

It is no coincidence that numerous wineries surround the area, all members of the Wines and Flavours Route through the Hills of Forlì and Cesena. You can quench your thirst and delight your palate in the cellars, which are open to the public and offer visits and tastings of local wines, from Trebbiano to Sangiovese and other specialities.

Fratta Terme

47032 Fratta Terme FC, Italia

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