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Of the many fortresses described as invincible, there are only a few that were actually invincible: one of these is the Rocca del Sassodi di Verucchio, built in view of Rimini as the future capital of the dynasty and made all-powerful by Sigismondo Malatesta in 1449. Only Federico da Montefeltro, in fact, succeeded in penetrating it, but only by deception.

Beneath it is the historical centre with Piazza Malatesta bordered by the Municipal Hall, Palazzo Giungi (18th century) and Palazzo Bedetti, in neoclassical style. The village then stretches over the hillside, halfway up the hill, or hugs the terraces. Worth a visit is the Augustinian convent with its 14th-century church, later revived in the Baroque period, and housing the Archaeological Civic Museum. The village's history doesn't end with the Middle Ages but goes back to the Villanovan civilisation: excavations, which began in 1893, led to the discovery of the necropolis of Campo del Tesoro and Fondo Lavatoio (9th century BC).

In Summer especially, Verucchio attracts beach tourists who come from the coast attracted not only byexcellent cuisine, but also by important cultural events such as theFestival of ancient music, historical re-enactments and theVerucchio Festival, which in July attracts singers, groups and musicians of national and international level.


47826 Verucchio RN, Italia

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