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Art and culture
Ten-stage itinerary

2 days by motorbike to discover the places of the Supreme Poet

motorcycle tour
2 days
Number of Stages

The itinerary we propose aims precisely at this: to arouse enthusiasm in you, making a leap back in time.
In the saddle of your motorcycle you will leave to discover the places that, now more than 700 years ago, have fascinated the great Dante Alighieri.

A suggestive loop route, which starts from Ravenna, arrives in Florence and returns to the region loved by the Supreme Poet: Romagna. It is no coincidence that this land is sung in the Divine Comedy: Dante chooses the territory that hosts him in the aftermath of the sentence to exile and that will accompany him even after death.

You will divide the walk into 10 stages for two intense days on your two wheels, through the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines.
You will visit closely the areas that Dante saw as a fugitive and you will have a direct testimony of the castles, fortresses, abbeys, palaces, UNESCO monuments, beautiful villages and verdant landscapes in which, for longer or shorter periods, the Poet has stayed.

Roads to be driven with suspended breath, because places of memory, which go up the ridge of the Apennines, hiding among their ravines the natural beauties that enchanted Dante in the ‘300 and that will have the same effect on you. 

The Zone of Silence

ravenna unesco dante's tomb

It starts from Ravenna, the place of Dante's last stay. City of art, history and culture, rich in monuments and majestic religious buildings, in fact there are 8 declared World Heritage by UNESCO. And it is precisely from one of them that your journey begins, from the Basilica of San Francesco, where the solemn funerals of the Poet were celebrated. 

Near the small mausoleum, with distinctly Romanesque forms, stands the tomb of Dante, in the so-called Zone of Silence, with the adjacent Quadrarco di Braccioforte and the Franciscan cloisters, where the Dante's Museum is located. Following the SP 253 you will immediately find yourself outside the perimeter of Ravenna, ready to leave for the next destination with eyes still full of beauty.


bagnacavallo purgatory

The guide continues for about 25 kilometers along the fields of the low plain of Romagna, on a soil drawn by the colors of the crops, in the direction of the ancient villages of Bagnacavallo. The town is remembered by Dante in a famous step of Purgatory.

Border line with the Lombard kingdom in the Byzantine period, it preserves to date the defensive systems of the time, configuring itself as one of the most interesting tourist destinations of Ravenna. Visiting it is, therefore, almost mandatory.



Once you have visited Bagnacavallo, get back on your feet and continue along the SP 253 you will come across another glimpse of history and culture. Lugo, narrow between the rivers Senio and Santerno, the village is delightful. Here, we recommend you visit the Church of Pio Suffragio and the Estense Fortress.



Your last stop on the first day of the motorbike itinerary to discover the places of the Supreme Poet is Imola. From Lugo, get back on the road and in half anhour you will have reached your destination. 

It is a place much loved by motorcyclists for its well-known circuit. Visit the city, enjoy the typical cuisine for dinner and overnight here.


brisighella sustainable reception

Wake up early, the first stage of the second day is Brisighella. From Imola, following the course of the Santerno river, you will reach Borgo Tossignano and enter the heart of the Regional Park of the Vein of Gesso, with its pastel nature. Riding your bike will be pure fun on the soft curves that cut through the territory.

You will first take the SP 70 and then the SP 23 and drive along a two-lane road, where you can bend over your vehicle and face the hairpin bends safely, up to Brisighella. Hospitality and sustainable tourism are the cornerstones of the ancient medieval village, which welcomed Dante Alighieri fleeing from Florence, allowing him to take refuge in the first moments of exile. Do not miss the Rocca Manfrediana, the Clock Tower and the Sanctuary of Monticino.

Portico of Romagna

portico of romagna beatrice

SP 56 and 57 accompany your exit from Brisighella to Florence. You will reach Modigliana, on the border with Tuscany, a magnificent village in the valley of the Tramazzo and stronghold of the Conti Guidi, who have hosted Dante several times in their castles.

Taking the SP 21 in the direction of Dovadola, you will arrive at Portico di Romagna, your second stop of the day, in the site of the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club, the same where the Portinari, family of the beloved Beatrice, owned a palace, which to date still retains their name.

Acquacheta Waterfall

aquacheta waterfall 16 song

The route starts along SS 67. You will cross the small town of Bocconi, which stretches towards the Passo del Muraglione and, after its adrenaline-filled curves, you will land in the middle of the National Park of the Casentino Forests, in San Benedetto in Alpe.

Here, there is the wonderful Acquacheta Waterfall that Dante describes in the 16th song of Hell. The Apennine landscapes, which stretch between Romagna and Tuscany, appear in all their splendor. The time has come to take the road that goes down to Florence, the birthplace of the Supreme Poet, who was deeply loved by him and from whom he was expelled on March 10, 1302.


meldola dark forest

Along the SS 67 state traffic, which leads workers and tourists in and out of Florence, you reach Pontassieve, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, and then take the SR 70 towards Poppi.

In a few kilometers you will be surrounded by the wild beauty of the forests of Casentino, crossing the SS 310, which leads you to Stia and then to Passo della Calla, the "dark forest" sung by Dante. The loop route takes you back to the road of return: the descent to the Adriatic begins, where you will meet Hagia Sophia, Galleata and Predappio.

With the SP 4, full of hairpin bends, you will first climb up to the Rocca delle Caminate, then descend to the fortress of Meldola. These are the places where Dante lived during his 20 years of exile, up to Forlì, a city where he has stayed several times.


bertinoro towards the sea

Before returning to Ravenna, you can not miss a small detour to Bertinoro which is only 10 kilometers from Meldola. It is a natural balcony facing the sea, a city of hospitality, which also welcomed Dante, at the court of Guido Novello Da Polenta.

Stop for a coffee, perhaps at the tables of the main square, enjoy for a few minutes the view and then leave, jump back in the saddle, towards the last stage of the journey and the life of the Poet.


finally ravenna

You are now very close to the finish line. You will be struck by the pine forests of Cervia and Classe, whose extraordinary beauty has also fascinated Dante in the depths.

From the Abbey of Classe you will proceed towards the Adriatic, to return to Ravenna, starting point of your trip and final stop. Here, you will get lost, just like the Poet, in the colorful mosaics, real art treasures appreciated by the whole world.

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