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Bibione Spiaggia


A thousand holidays in one

With no fewer than 5 miles of coastline, fine golden sands and clear blue sea, the beach at Bibione Spiaggia is a true paradise for fans of the seaside. Situated in the Veneto region, in San Michele al Tagliamento, it is the ideal place to experience a thousand holidays in one.

All along the coastline in this sunny resort you can find well-maintained bathing facilities, ready to welcome couples, families with children and groups of young people, and to satisfy every need. A break in Bibione Spiaggia means enjoying leisurely dips in the sea or reading a good book under the sun, taking a walk along the beach or enjoying different sports, watching your children join the holiday clubs or making new friends by taking part in activities, including Latin dancing and fitness classes.

Bibione is surrounded by greenery and also known for its rich natural heritage, located between the lagoon and river. Protected oases, labyrinths of reeds with herons and storks flying overhead, and old houses with thatched roofs: on a visit to the Laguna di Bibione you can experience unforgettable adventures on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or in a kayak. 

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Bibione Spiaggia

Bibione Spiaggia, Villaggio Tivoli Bibione, 30020 Bibione VE, Italia


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