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Food and wine

Tuscany: discovering 4 design wineries

06 October 2022

2 minutes

When we speak of Tuscany, we can hardly leave out the wine, produced in some of the best cellars in the world.

These places, with their old-world charm, have evolved over the years and today are increasingly popular destinations for international tourism, for an experience that goes beyond tasting.

Of some Tuscan wine cellars, then, you can admire the architecture, old and new, and enjoy the beauty of these places.
Here is a selection of the four not to be missed. 

The stained glass windows of Caiarossa

It is located in Riparbella and is recognisable by its large stained-glass windows and the deep red with which its exterior has been painted.
The architectural design of this winery is inspired by studies in geodynamics and the principles of Feng Shui, which have influenced its shape, materials, colours and exposure.

The soil in this area is sloping: this allowed the architects to develop the structure on four levels, which allow “drop” winemaking, using only the force of gravity. This is a true winemaking technique that prevents the grapes from being mechanically altered, allowing the winery to create unique products in terms of taste and quality. 

At Antinori, in the house of Chianti

From its terraces overlooking the countryside, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the vineyard, cultivated mainly with Sangiovese.
The Antinori winery is located in the Chianti Classico region, halfway between Florence and Siena, and features truly spectacular architecture, designed to have a low environmental impact and high energy savings.

From the outside, it is practically invisible, except for two long horizontal “slits” across the hill: it is a true geomorphological experiment whose distinguishing feature is the scenic spiral staircase connecting the structure's three floors. 

At the Borro, which inspired Leonardo da Vinci

Legend has it that the landscape around the Borro inspired Leonardo da Vinci while he was painting the Mona Lisa. Located in the Valdarno countryside and owned by the famous Ferragamo family, the winery features a brick building with a traditional layout that blends in with the rural style of the estate's medieval village.
When you visit this winery, start at the Vino&Arte Gallery, a space that houses Ferruccio Ferragamo's private collection of engravings dedicated to wine and its representations.
Tastings here take place in cellars located 8 metres below ground level. 

Petra, one of a kind

The ecosystem within the cellar is unique. It is a natural oasis covering 300 hectares, including the Colline Metallifere green belt, the Montioni Park, the Poggio Tre Cancelli Reserve and the Sterpaia Park, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

This is where Petra is located, a spectacular building resembling a totemic palace, where the central cylindrical body is 25 metres high and oriented at 45/90 degrees to the surrounding rows.

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