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Santa Fiora


Santa Fiora is a special place, lying on the southern slope of Monte Amiata and divided into three terzieri: Castello, Borgo, Montecatino. If we imagine a route guiding us through the terzieri, the starting point would be Castello, the oldest, with its medieval square and the 16th-century palazzo of the Sforza Cesarini counts, the frescoes of the school of Cavalier d'Arpino, the Mercury Mines Museum and the statue of St Michael trampling the devil. Finally, after visiting one of the world's largest collections of 'robbiane', glazed terracottas by Luca and Andrea Della Robbia, we move on to Borgo, through the Medieval Porticciola, to the Jewish ghetto area. And finally, from Porta San Michele we move on to the Montecatino terziere, where we are greeted by an unexpected sheet of water: this is the 16th-century Peschiera, an evocative place that will leave you breathless, near which is the last beauty to visit, the church of the Madonna delle Neve in Santa Fiora, which rises above the springs of the Fiora river, visible under the glass floor.

Santa Fiora

58037 Santa Fiora GR, Italia

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