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Maritime Farmhouse


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Conveniently located on the border between the provinces of Pisa and Livorno, a few kilometres from the sea and at the foot of the Colline Metallifere (Metal-bearing Hills), Casale Marittimo surprises the visitor as an intact corner of the Middle Ages.

It has Etruscan origins (testified by the necropolis of Casa Nocera, tholos tomb of the 6th century BC in Poggiarella), then it was a Roman settlement (remains of villas of the imperial age in La Pieve and Poggio), then medieval, as evidenced by the fortified castle and the ancient parish church of San Giovanni Battista.

Since the Second World War the town has been reborn, discovering itself rich in medieval moods, with the walls and the Rocca palace and surrounded by a happily preserved nature and cultivated with oil, wine and wheat, to be discovered slowly by bike, on foot or on horseback.

Maritime Farmhouse

56040 Casale Marittimo PI, Italia

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