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Marina di Massa


Marina di Massa is a famous seaside resort on the Apuan coast, a welcoming place where one can find a dimension of well-being and relaxation. Visitors here can appreciate the beauty of its beaches, in front of which a dozen or so artificial cliffs stand out, but which fit harmoniously into the landscape. But to fully experience the soul of this town, they will have to visit the area of the Pontile: here, a historic bridge offers the possibility of taking a walk directly on the sea, amidst the lapping of the waves and the scent of saltiness, or of setting off by boat to nearby Liguria; moreover, this is where fishing enthusiasts gather, especially on days when the sea is swell, when the nets known as 'scales' are set and lowered, a spectacle not to be missed by those who feel they have a maritime soul.

Marina di Massa

Ufficio informazioni ed accoglienza turistica Massa-Carrara Viale A. Vespucci, 24, 54100 Marina di Massa MS

Call 0585240063

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