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South Tyrol

South Tyrol: the best viewing platforms to see the world with new eyes

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If you love walking along mountain trails, you may often find yourself stopping along the way to admire the surrounding landscape.
But did you know that in South Tyrol, viewing platforms have been created specifically to enjoy the best views? That's right.
Here are three of them, offering the best views for contemplating the beautiful Dolomite landscape, Unesco World Heritage.

The Iceman Ötzi Peak platform

One of the most scenic viewing platforms in South Tyrol is undoubtedly Iceman Ötzi Peak, which towers over the Grawand peak of the Val Senales Glacier, at 3,251 metres in height. It stands on the mountain rising along the border between Italy and Austria, and got its name from Ötzi, the frozen mummy of a prehistoric man found at its foot.

Easily reachable in just 10 minutes, to see the world through new eyes start from the top station of the Val Senales Glacier cable car and climb the steel stairs. Behold the 126 different peaks, crevasses and spectacular rocks before you.

The platform has a steel structure and appears almost suspended above the void. Look out for the Giogo Alto Glacier, the Similaun snowfield and the Transhumance path, a natural watershed between Italy and Austria. If you’re lucky and the air is particularly clear, you can even catch a glimpse of the Adriatic.

The Monte Specie platform: a natural magnet

At an altitude of 2,307 metres, the Monte Specie platform is in the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park. Easy to reach, the hike is suitable for families with children and also for the elderly.

Set off from Prato Piazza on a dirt road heading south-east and keep left at the fork. Climb up to the Vallandro Hut and behind the hut, continue along trail number 34 in the direction of Monte Specie. At the saddle, turn right: you’ll reach “Croce dei Reduci”, which got its name after being erected in 1982 by the surviving Val Pusteria fighters.

Then you can finally admire the impressive rock formations of Croda Rossa, the Sexten Dolomites, the Cadini Group and the Cristallo. A view of incomparable beauty.

The Mount Mastlè platform, with a view of UNESCO World Heritage

The objective of this last panoramic viewpoint is to show you all the geological, geomorphological and landscape peculiarities that make the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage.

The platform made of steel and local stone stands at an altitude of 2,200 metres, near the mountain station of the Col Raiser lift.

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