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Relax and wellness
Alto adige

Forest Therapy, a regenerative bath in the green South Tyrol

07 September 2022

2 minutes

It is not simply a matter of hugging trees, but regaining physical and mental well-being surrounded by green forests. 

An immersion in nature that ensures calm, tranquillity, detachment from the stresses of everyday life: Forest Therapy is a regenerating experience to be tried in the wonderful natural environment of South Tyrol

The power of nature to restore calm

More and more therapists, psychologists and experts are recommending it: when stress takes over, an effective remedy is to spend as much time as possible surrounded by nature. Rediscovering contact with the earth to let it work its magic is a real cure for the soul: in South Tyrol we can rely on certified Forest Therapy guides and put ourselves to the test with an unforgettable experience. 

The origins and benefits of Forest Therapy

Caressing the bark of a hundred-year-old fir tree, gently treading on soft moss, breathing in the moist, fragrant air. Forest Therapy is a Japanese practice called Shinrin-yoku available to everyone. It means 'benefiting from the atmosphere of the forest' or, more briefly, “bathing in the forest”. It is a true immersion in the green to enjoy the benefits of nature and feel better, physically and psychologically.

Reinterpreted in Sydney by Martin Kiem, a psychologist, coach and certified guide who began his journey with his Australian wife, Forest Therapy has found its place in the nature of South Tyrol. 

The extraordinary benefits of Forest Therapy are now so extolled that even the local population, on medical advice, regularly cultivates their relationship with nature with long walks and specific exercises in the green. 

Head and body breathing

Covered with forests for half its surface area, the territory lends itself perfectly. 

Consciously experiencing the South Tyrolean forests helps: 

  • slow down: a slow and careful pace allows one to fully embrace one's surroundings, forgetting the problems of everyday life and rediscovering lost relaxation;
  • transforming the path into a goal: it is not the final destination that matters, but the experiences along the way;
  • recreating a relationship with nature: taking a “bath in the green” means welcoming it with all your senses. 

With Forest Therapy, attention is deliberately shifted away from thought and back to the senses and the body, with a sense of well-being regained: the breath slowly becomes regularised, the nerves relaxed, the mind freed. A simple and effective way to feel better.

Forest Therapy in South Tyrol

The results of Forest Therapy in South Tyrol are so important that they can be measured on a medical level. In fact, two sensors are installed, one at shoulder height and one at chest height, which collect data while bathing in the forest, measuring what is called a “conscious switch-off” that gives us absolute relaxation.

Breathe and regain serenity

There are many facilities in South Tyrol that offer Forest Therapy and immersive forest bathing:

  • Yoga im Tol 
  • the accommodations of the Vitalpina Hotel Group
  • Luxury DolceVita Resort Preidlhof
  • Vettererhof
  • Family Home Alpenhof
  • Hotel Birkenbrunn
  • Hotel Drumlerhof
  • Vitalhof Niederhof
  • Artnatur Dolomites
  • San Luis Retreat Hotel & Lodges
  • Alpine SPA Resort Viktoria
  • Hotel Im Tiefenbrunn Gardensuites & Breakfast
  • Hotel Chalet Mirabell
  • Miramonti Boutique Hotel
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