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Sèn Jan di Fassa


Vigo di Fassa is an enchanting Ladin village, located on a wide and sunny terrace, rich in history and cultural attractions. For centuries the religious and administrative capital of the Val di Fassa, halfway between Moena and Canazei, it was one of the first tourist centres in the valley. From Vigo it is easy to reach all the famous peaks of the Fassa Dolomites, from the Monzoni to the Catinaccio, Latemar, Sella and Marmolada groups. The parish church of San Giovanni and the Gothic sanctuary of Santa Giuliana are the symbols of the village. The parish church was considered the mother church of the valley, with its bold 67-metre high bell tower clad in reddish-coloured larch shingles. Not far from it is the Monzoni Mineralogical Museum, which houses the most comprehensive private collection of Dolomite minerals that emerged from the sea 250 ml years ago. The sanctuary of Santa Giuliana, whose existence is documented as far back as 1237, is one of the oldest in the valley and stands on a prehistoric cult site, the Ciaslìr castelliere. Below the church, it is possible to visit the War Cemetery, which contains the remains of 663 fallen soldiers from the First World War, from various countries that were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time. In the village, there is also the Ladin Museum of Fassa, the "treasure chest of memory" that houses the ethnographic collections of the Istitut Cultural Ladin.

Sèn Jan di Fassa

Sèn Jan di Fassa, Autonomous Province of Trento, Italia

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