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Palù di Giovo


The Campionissimi climb through the vineyards and greenery of the Cembra Valley

Palù is one of the eight villages of the scattered municipality of Giovo, located on the outskirts of Trento and surrounded by the vineyards that are dotted around the entire Cembra Valley, rigorously arranged on the steep slopes that characterise this area where the hill meets the mountain. 

It was on the steep climbs of Palù di Giovo and its surroundings that Italian cycling champions such as Gilberto Simoni, winner of two Giri d’Italia in 2001 and 2003, and Francesco Moser, winner in 1984, as well as Moser’s brothers Enzo and Aldo, all born between Palù and the other villages of Giovo, were trained.

This curious coincidence has raised the profile of this small town, where even today those who want to can test themselves on a bike on the difficult Salita dei Campionissimi, an almost seven-kilometre route starting from San Michele all’Adige and ending at Maso Roncador, in the municipality of Giovo, with an altitude difference of 443 metres.

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Palù di Giovo

38030 Palù di Giovo TN, Italia

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