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Parco dell'Etna


At the mouth of the volcano

The people of Catania fondly refer to it as "a muntagna", the mountain par excellence. At times snowy, other times red with incandescent lava, its silhouette is a landmark for eastern Sicily. Etna is one of the most fascinating volcanoes in the world, a symbol of the power of Earth that inspires awe while offering stunning sights. Since the 1980s, its Nature Park has allowed visitors to explore this magical territory.

The main attraction of the park are the craters: the Central Crater, including Voragine and Bocca Nuovo, the North-East Crater and the South-East Crater. It is impossible to describe the thrill of almost reaching the mouth of the volcano, accompanied by expert guides. Equally impressive are the caves, which allow you to enter, quite literally, inside the volcano through tunnels created by cooled lava. Equally beautiful is the Valle del Bove, a valley 1 kilometre deep and 7 kilometres long, on the eastern side of Etna.

After visiting the “gentle giant”, you can discover the marvellous villages that stand at its feet, from Bronte to Zafferana Etnea and Trecastagni.

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Parco dell'Etna

Via del Convento, 95030 Nicolosi CT, Italia

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