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Kitesurfing amid lakes and the sea, where to go and which spots to choose

Trying kitesurfing is in the top ten of things to do once in a lifetime for more and more people.

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The popularity of this sport has grown exponentially in recent years, from those who decide to practice it regularly, attending courses and obtaining certifications, to those who consider it a holiday activity along with other watersports.

Fitting yourself out with a wetsuit, board and sail and following the wind - literally - along the Italian coasts or lakes in search of the best kitesurfing beaches is guaranteed fun.

If you are wondering where to go kitesurfing in Italy, by the sea or a lake, we have great news: the wide beaches and climate make the Italian landscape from north to south very conducive to this sport, all in breathtaking locations.

Lake kitesurfing in Italy: from Lombardy to Veneto

Lake kitesurfing in Italy: from Lombardy to Veneto

The large lakes of northern Italy are some of the favourite destinations for kitesurfers in Italy. Lake Garda boasts two important kitesurfing locations: Malcesine, on the west coast, where the wind blows from the north in the morning, and Campione, on the west coast of the lake with a huge beach and the prestigious Kitecampione Kite School.

Lake Como, with its calm waves and steady wind, is perfect for those just starting out in this sport. Locations equipped for kitesurfing, which can be enjoyed here between March and October, include Dervio with the Xtremelement school, and Dongo with the Marvèlia Sailing Training Centre in the windiest part of the lake.

Smaller, but just as picturesque, is Lake Idro, a stone's throw from Lake Garda. Here there is an area reserved for kitesurfers looking for a quick adrenalin rush in the early afternoon. The Maselli Kite School, run by multiple world-class champions, will guide you step by step with theory lessons and your first experiences in the water.

The Veneto, amidst the lakes and beaches of the Adriatic, promises to satisfy even the most demanding of kite surfers. If you prefer lake waters, you can hit the beach at Lago di Santa Croce, in Farra d'Alpago.

In the heart of the Po Delta Park, surrounded by the waters of the Adriatic, head to the beach at Rosolina Mare, in the province of Rovigo, which is a true kitesurfing paradise.

The best kitesurfing beaches in Sicily, Apulia and Calabria

The best kitesurfing beaches in Sicily, Apulia and Calabria

If you are thinking of exploring Sicily in search of the best kitesurfing beaches, you will be spoilt for choice.

We suggest, however, that you start in the Marsala area, in the province of Trapani, for a unique experience among the windmills and the Saline dello Stagnone. Here, you can treat yourself to long kitesurfing sessions, from morning to evening, on your own or by using one of the many schools that have sprung up in the area in recent years.

During the winter, on the other hand, you can go kitesurfing at Puzziteddu, about 20 km from Marsala, or in Petrosino, which hosted the Italian kite-wave championships in 2019.

In Calabria, in the summer, you can try your hand at kitesurfing at the Gizzeria beach on the Santa Eufemia coast in Lamezia. It is an ideal place for this sport: there is a very long, wide beach and winds that blow on average at over 16 knots. Alternatively, you can go to Punta Pellaro, a coastal hamlet of Reggio Calabria, a small kitesurfing capital thanks to its long windy seasons.

Salento is also a great place for chasing the wind. Among the most popular spots for local kiters are Porto Cesareo, between the Isola dei Conigli and Isola della Testa, and Torre Mozza with its sandy shore and shallow, calm water. Further north, on the Gargano heel, we recommend exploring the beach at Vieste, which is also suitable for beginners and perfect for this sport all year round.

And what about central Italy? A summer of kitesurfing around Tuscany and Liguria

And what about central Italy? A summer of kitesurfing around Tuscany and Liguria

Central Italy is no less impressive when it comes to kitesurfing. In Tuscany, we would like to point out one of the most famous places for water sports: the Bay of Talamone, south of Grosseto, which is swept by winds from the western quadrant all year round. Further north, close to the Maremma Regional Park, you can opt for Castiglione della Pescaia with its still, clean water and mistral winds that can reach over 20 knots.

Liguria's long coastline alternates between sheer cliffs and sandy beaches, and the best kitesurfing spots all year round are to be found on the Riviera di Ponente, starting with Voltri. Here, thanks to a free beach, sandy seabed and strong winds, you can enjoy excellent gliding. Beginners can head to the Andora area, where the rocks of Capo Mimosa generate the perfect wind for practising this sport in total safety.

More experienced kiters, on the other hand, can challenge themselves on the beach at Arma di Taggia.

It doesn't matter whether you are a kitesurfing veteran or just curious to try it out: discovering some of the most magical places in Italy through this sport will grant you memories that you will cherish forever.

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