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Italian cities of art best equipped for smart working

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Little is needed for smart working: a fast internet connection and a PC. If one adds cost of living, entertainment and security to these parameters, then it is easy to draw up a ranking of the favourite locations of the so-called digital nomads, who point to cities of art to work remotely.

Crossing the length and breadth of the boot, let's see which are the best Italian cities to do smart working.

Bologna “la Dotta”


At the top of the list of smart working people's favourite art cities is Bologna.
The capital of Emilia, a university location par excellence, is also the ideal place for remote workers: being a student-friendly city, it does not have a high cost of living and this allows digital nomads to work comfortably from home, without incurring prohibitive extra expenses.
The good Internet connection, with an average of 17 mega per second, and the entertainment offered by the numerous cultural exhibitions complete the picture.

Bari and low rent costs

Bari and low rent costs

Another city that lends itself well to smart working is Bari. What drives digital nomads to move to the Apulian location is not only the quality of life parameter, but above all the possibility of renting a flat. The rents are, in fact, quite low, which makes it possible to also choose central solutions, offering the possibility of working from the comfort of one's own home and at the same time admiring the winding alleys of the historical centre and the numerous sites of artistic interest.

Pisa and the leaning tower

Pisa and the leaning tower

Where there are students, the cost of living is never excessively high. And Pisa, an important university centre, is among the favourite sites for remote work. The Tuscan city also satisfies in terms of entertainment, because it has so much to offer. Suffice it to say that monumental architectural complexes are concentrated in a single area, namely Piazza dei Miracoli. And if you add gastronomic quality to the beauty of art, it is clear to see why this town is chosen for smart working.

Florence, icon for art


Staying in Tuscany, one cannot fail to mention Florence. It is certainly not the low costs that make people choose this city for remote work. However, its cultural activities and enchanting artistic landscape make it one of the most desirable destinations. Imagine yourself at your desk, with your PC. Lift your head up from the monitor and... a unique panorama of rolling hills opens up before your eyes. How does it sound?

Padua and the environment friendly

Padua and the environment friendly

Good quality of life, low cost of living. In these two characteristics, Padua excels and attracts an ever-growing number of digital nomads, attracting many talented people.
The “City of the Saint” is one of the reference sites for those who move and decide to practice smart working, making it a particularly attractive destination for remote working.

Venice and smart working for a revitalisation


Then there is the sensational case of Venice. Seven out of ten workers, under the age of 45, choose the lagoon city for smart working. Thanks to the Venywhere project, which offers services and accommodation to professionals interested in working there, and then makes them new residents and not just guests. The aim is to stem the depopulation of a city that in recent years has reached its lowest level of inhabitants, by encouraging the spread of a model of residency linked to anywhere workers, workers from everywhere and nowhere in particular.

Trento and the perfect day office


Digital nomads who love nature, trekking and skiing in the mountains are bound to fall in love with Trento. The town at the foot of the Dolomites is, in fact, the perfect place to work from home and organise unforgettable outings in your free time.
High quality of life, efficient transport, inexpensive costs and the opportunity to do lots of sports, including outdoor activities, make the South Tyrolean capital the perfect place to move to for smart working.

Palermo and connection speed


In the deep south, it is the Sicilian capital that attracts a considerable number of remote workers. Palermo, with its 22 mega, is the Italian city with the highest connection speed. The Mezzogiorno and the islands, as we know, are already a magnet in themselves, for the cultural events, food and wine, the sea, the beautiful landscapes and the mild climate. This is complemented by the low cost of living and the opportunity to experience deep-rooted local traditions.

Italy, with its wonderful cities of art, is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for digital nomads, welcoming the social phenomenon of remote working with open arms. And you? Have you already chosen your destination?

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