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Emilia Romagna

Corno alle Scale: night-time snowshoe sessions and long walks beneath the mountain peaks

16 September 2022

2 minutes

The curious place-name draws attention to the form of the northern wall, which presents rocky crags and steep pathways. However, Corno alle Scale is known above all for the fact it is the ski district located on the highest mountain of the northern Apennines in the province of Bologna, at an altitude ranging from 1,418 to 1,945 metres a.s.l. 

Following the tracks all year round

With its 14 kilometres of skiing and snowboarding routes and 6 ski-lifts Corno alle Scale is one of the most popular ski resorts in the area, where you can practise your favourite sporting activities for at least 150 days a year thanks to artificial snow-generation and distribution occurring over sections corresponding to 90 per cent of the routes. 

Try the black ski-runs where “Tomba la Bomba” acquired experience

Adrenaline-stimulating slopes for the more experienced athletes, snow-shoeing under the moonlight for those in a romantic mood and guided excursions that will satisfy your curiosity.
The area where Alberto Tomba learned how to ski and won races for the first time, as testified by the tracks dedicated to him, is an ideal location for a family holiday. Slopes with varying degrees of difficulty, two ski schools and a “baby park” with games and inflatable snow sleds will offer highly satisfying opportunities for both very young guests and adults.

Cross-country skiing and snowboarding for everyone

And if your preference is cross country skiing, again, you certainly won’t be disappointed. At the resort there are two circular routes: a simpler track suitable for beginners and a more demanding one that is 4 kilometres long.
If you’re into snowboarding you should really consider Le Malghe, where you will find a well-equipped snow park

A natural paradise

In addition to being a winter sports paradise Corno alle Scale is in any case a territory of considerable environmental interest as it is situated in an authentic natural amphitheatre.

The Corno alle Scale Regional Park covers 5,000 hectares within the Municipality of Lizzano in Belvedere and offers uncontaminated panoramic views comprising a series of lush green valleys, small villages and sanctuaries, mountain streams, waterfalls and thriving deciduous forests composed of beech trees in particular. It is certainly worth visiting the Dardagna Waterfalls and those in the wild Tanamalia gorge.

Thermal spa treatment in a relaxing valley

If you want to end your holiday at the snowbound locations with a few days dedicated to regenerating your body and mind, you will not need to go very far. You can stay for a while at the Terme di Porretta spa, located in the upper section of the Reno river valley, which has been awarded the highest classification (1st Super level) by the Emilia Romagna regional authorities. In this little town with its somewhat retro atmosphere there are abundant spring waters that have surprising healing qualities, as was well known in ancient times. Here you will be able to dedicate yourself to thermal bath sessions and moments of relaxation or also receive specific forms of treatment to cure respiratory diseases, allergies or inflammations of the skin.

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