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Emilia Romagna

Cerreto Laghi: skiing in a fully natural environment with enchanting waterways

29 September 2022

2 minutes

The place-name of the village Cerreto Laghi, located in the province of Reggio Emilia in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, reminds us of the presence of a small lake of glacial origin and a series of small pools and waterways. You will be charmed by this venue and its ski resort situated in a superb natural setting. Among other things, the geographical position is convenient and quite strategic, and also easily accessible from both the Emilian side and also the Ligurian-Tuscan side.

25 kilometres of ski tracks always covered in snow

If you are a lover of winter sports, this is where you will find your corner of paradise. At this location the 25 km of downhill slopes are constantly covered with snow, thanks to a recently upgraded artificial snow-generation and distribution facility.

This winter resort is in fact among the best equipped and most popular venues in the Apennines and offers unforgettable experiences to the most demanding skiers and also raw beginners. Everyone here will thoroughly enjoy their excursions along tracks presenting varying degrees of difficulty. With regard to ski-lifts, two chairlifts reduce the occurrence of long queues at the facilities and tedious waiting times. For children and absolute beginners there is a ski school with accredited instructors. 

Cross-country skiing through snow-covered beech woods

If you prefer cross-country skiing you will certainly not be disappointed at Cerreto Laghi. Close to Lake Pranda three tracks wind around dense beech woodland and each route is approximately 2.5 km long, extending to an overall distance of about 8 kilometres. The three trails present diverse difficulty ratings indicated by the relative colour markings: yellow (beginners), blue (average experience) and red (experienced skiers). 

Snow-shoes and skates

It is also possible to practise snow-shoeing along the routes, maintaining an appropriate distance from one another to ensure safe conditions. During your holiday here you will see that all tastes and requirements are satisfied.

A particular gem at this venue is the Ice Palace. This structure - the only one of its kind in the entire area - contains a 1,800-sq.m Olympic ice-skating rink and, of course, a skate-hire service.

Cycling and horse riding

The skiing district, which developed around a system of lakes deriving from the melting of glaciers in a distant past age, offers truly unique panoramic views in a protected natural setting within the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The area is also very popular in the summer, when the temperature starts to rise. Any excursions on foot, on horseback or with a mountain bike that are planned by visitors will offer splendid views of the surrounding valleys. 

Traditional dishes and wellness: “living well” following the Emilian traditions

In the district surrounding the Cerreto Pass you will also discover the excellent local cuisine. You may be tempted to try a plate of tortellini in brodo (soup) or a portion of tagliatelle alla Bolognese. Whether your experience of the local culinary specialities starts at a restaurant or at a mountain lodge, the excellent Emilian cuisine speaks for itself. Furthermore, within this area there is no lack of tourist accommodation facilities that provide health-care and body-treatment services, including spas and wellness centres.

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