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Emilia Romagna

A snowy paradise awaits you at Cimone in the Emilia-Romagna region

07 October 2022

2 minutes

A very modern resort with over 50 km of interconnected slopes, more than 100 ski instructors ready to follow the progress of trainees and an exceptional bob-sleigh track. Monte Cimone in the Emilia Romagna region is the highest mountain in the Northern Apennines, where a very large, popular ski station and facilities have been installed.

An amazing bob-sleigh track

Located in the province of Modena, Cimone is visited by many tourists and sports enthusiasts thanks to the quality of the snow, the variety of its sports facilities and the incredible bob-sleigh track. The 700-metre long trail featuring straight sections and steeply-banked curves is the longest in the entire mountain zone of this district.

Expert and daredevil freestyle skiers will derive great pleasure from flying down the slopes of the Snowpark along the Ninfa track, engaging in adrenaline-boosting activities and having a lot of fun. In short, whether you are a daring acrobatic snow-sports addict or an absolute beginner, the jumps and ramps at Cimone will offer you a super-cool experience.

At a high altitude, surrounded by snow and the mountains

In this wintertime paradise situated at a level between 900 and 1,976 metres above sea level you will find state-of-the-art ski lifts. At the moment there are 19 cable facilities but thanks to a specific renovation plan, there will soon be a progressive enhancement of the service and a further reduction in waiting and ascent times. 

A track to your own liking

With your ski-pass at hand and a pair of skis firmly attached, all you have to do is choose the slope that suits you best. There are tracks that will appeal to all tastes and skills and, with their varying degrees of difficulty, they wind along the three sides of the mountain.

If you are an expert skier you should really try the traditional medium-level (red) Baggiolara ski track with its semi-circular route and practically uniform slope, with the exception of a wall located approximately 1 km from the starting point, and the Baggiolara II track, formed in a manner resembling the first route and also featuring a similar wall. If you prefer simpler tracks you might try track 19, dedicated to the Olympic champion Giuliano Razzoli. It is known as the “rocket” track, a name which reminds everyone of Razzoli’s victory in the 2010 Winter Olympics slalom competition at Vancouver in Canada.

A day out with the children

The resort also offers an interesting service for very young budding athletes. The Baby Parks, providing areas where children can play and acquire confidence as they familiarise themselves with the snowbound ambiance are designed especially for youngsters. These centres, equipped with inflatable sleds, saucers and rafts for sliding on the snow, are situated close to the Lago della Ninfa, Le Polle and Cimoncino.


Alpine and Nordic skiing at lower levels

There are some interesting facilities also in the areas close to Sestola, Fanano, Riolunato and Montecreto, below the Cimone zone. In addition to the “red” tracks for intermediate-level skiers you will find 38 kilometres of trails for alpine skiing, off-piste routes, tracks for Nordic skiing and a snow park.

If you feel like having a break while you’re here don't forget that this is Emilia Romagna. A snack with some “tigelle” flatbread and slices of cured meat and salami or a traditional dish such as the “gnocco fritto” pastries and tortellini would be a good idea.

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