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San Leo


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The village of San Leo has maintained its 'status' as an inaccessible place, high above a huge limestone boulder, with a perfect balance between nature and the human footprint, which has been transformed into the village and the fortress.

The latter looks like a vessel stranded on a cliff and stands on an overhang: it is an absolute must-see, including the dungeon and the well where the Count of Cagliostro was held until his death. The historic centre of the village is developed around the square with the civic tower, some noble palaces, the parish church of San Leo built on the site where the saint lived his last years as a hermit, and with a splendid marble ciborium on the presbytery, and the Cathedral, made of sandstone and built between the 12th and 13th centuries, near the cliff's overhang and, curiously enough, without a proper façade. Also worth a visit is the Pinocoteca, with works by Guercino and Caravaggio.

Also linked to the figure of Cagliostro is an excellent digestif (the liqueur of Cagliostro) made from liquorice roots, created, according to legend, by the Count himself.

San Leo

47865 San Leo RN, Italia

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