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San Giovanni In Marignano


A village of mediaeval origins, San Giovanni in Marignano stands at the entrance to the Conca Valley, a few kilometres from the beaches of Romagna and close to the first hills, land so rich and fertile that it deserves to be historically considered 'the granary of the Malatesta'. Agriculture bears the memory of ancient gestures and continues to remain an important activity: the flavours of the area originate above all from here, from the land, and from the passion with which it is still cultivated today. San Giovanni in Marignano is a land of wheat and wine, a land of hospitable tables. Every year, the now famous Festa delle Streghe (Witches' Festival) takes place, with shows, street performers, music, typical flavours, and the traditional "burning of the witch" that concludes the festival and heralds the arrival of summer.

San Giovanni In Marignano

47842 San Giovanni In Marignano RN, Italia

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