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Campania: exciting panoramic flights over the Paestum archaeological park or Mount Vesuvius

09 September 2022

Visiting Campania by paraglider or hang-glider is like nothing you could have imagined and yet harbours unforgettable emotions.

In fact, for free-flying enthusiasts, who love to take to the skies and explore the Italian landscapes from above, exclusively aboard unpowered aircraft such as hang-gliders or paragliders, the varied territory of Campania is an air park that offers formidable panoramas, whether maritime or mountainous.

Those who are new to the sport can find an opportunity here to indulge in a baptism of the air in a two-seater aircraft, driven by the expert hands of a professional pilot.

1. Free flight, an exciting and safe experience in contact with nature

This kind of eco-friendly, zero-impact air tour is also an opportunity to dispel the myth that free flight is still an extreme sport: from a hang-glider or paraglider, you don't “jump” like from a parachute. You take off after a short run down a gentle slope, then glide towards the landing supported by the currents, harnessed and secured.

Often, by riding the updrafts, one can even gain altitude and prolong the pleasure of flight for a few minutes, taking one's feet off the ground and remaining suspended and immersed in nature, lulled only by the sound of the wind.

Even if you are not an expert, a tandem flight, on a paraglider or hang-glider, is a form of alternative tourism, a way of exploring the region while gaining an unprecedented viewpoint on Campania's immense artistic and scenic heritage.

2. Sailing over the Paestum’s archaeological park

From the heights of Capaccio, for example, a medieval village on Mount Calpazio, in the province of Salerno, near the sanctuary of the Madonna del Granato, from a 250-metre-high elevation overlooking the Sele River plain and the Gulf of Salerno, you can treat yourself to the thrill of a free tandem flight aboard a two-seater.

Guided by a professional pilot, you will sail around the mountain, exploring the entire valley, take a bird's-eye view of the mystical atmosphere of the sanctuary of Gethsemane, immersed in the Cilento Natural Park, fly over a series of pine forests and reach the port of Agropoli, until you reach the majestic panorama of the archaeological park of Paestum, ancient Poseidonia, one of the most important cities of Magna Graecia.

3. Flying over the Bay of Naples, over Vesuvius

Panoramic flights in Campania offer an unparalleled visual experience. Taking off from the mountains of Castel Morrone, in the province of Caserta, with favourable weather conditions and accompanied by an expert instructor, you can experience the exciting adventure of flying over Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, admiring the romantic panorama of the setting sun, with the silhouettes of the islands of Capri and Ischia in the background. 

4. Excitement for everyone, to experience alone or to share

Each activity is usually preceded by an initial briefing explaining how to take off along with the safety rules necessary to make the most of this exciting adventure.

Everyone can enjoy a free flight experience: just be in good health, arm yourself with healthy enthusiasm, wear trainers or hiking boots and appropriate clothing for the high-altitude currents, depending on the season.

Upon booking, you can organise group flights to celebrate special events such as hen and stag parties, birthday parties or graduation parties. You can also ask for videos or photographs of the flight for a souvenir of a memorable experience.

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