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The colourful, picture-perfect Parthenopean Islands

Procida is a true Italian jewel. The island, with Ischia and Capri, dominates the Gulf of Naples. It makes for the perfect photo for a postcard: the colours of the houses, once home to fishermen, are captivating. Along the coast, yellow, blue, red and orange are reflected in the clear waters of the sea, creating striking views. A fascinating legend surrounds the origins of its name: the Greek historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus traces it back to Aeneas’s nurse, Procida, although there are several theories about it.

The island contains villages, abbeys and palaces all waiting to be discovered: such as Marina della Corricella, the island’s oldest fishing village, or the Palazzo d’Avalos, an imposing 16th-century structure dominating the village of Terra Murata. The Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo, also within Terra Murata, is worth a visit. Those who enjoy long walks can take the footbridge that joins the island to the islet of Vivara, a nature reserve of incredible beauty.

Procida was the setting for the film The Postman, directed by Massimo Troisi. When you visit Pozzo Vecchio beach, or Postino beach, you will find one of the film’s iconic locations.

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