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10 pristine beaches not to be missed while visiting the Sorrento Peninsula

The Sorrento Peninsula not only has beautiful high cliffs overlooking the sea, but also inlets, fjords, and bays with stunning beaches of sand, pebbles and rocks.

05 October 2022

3 minutes

The best known, the bay of leranto with views of Capri where Ulysses was bewitched by the Sirens. Perhaps lesser known is the cove of Mitigliano, where you can enjoy the view of Punta della Campanella, up to Sorrento. Offering two small beaches of volcanic sand, passing through Piano di Sorrento, always holding a Blue flag, and Scrajo beach in Vico Equense where you will find a pool of sulfurous water.  

1. Ieranto bay

On the tip of Campanella, with the view of Capri stacked on the horizon, the bay of Ieranto is one of the most spectacular places on the Sorrento Coast. You can get there on foot walking along a beautiful pathway between olive trees and Mediterranean scrub for about 2km. This starts from the Nerano square in a hamlet of Massa Lubrense. From the beach another path leads to the Mont’Alto tower where the view of the Amalfi coast opens up. A real treat at sunset.

2. Cala di Mitigliano

From the other side of the tip of Campanella, Cala di Mitigliano offers another vista of Capri and the last stretch of cliff of the tip. Set in the rock, it has a small rocky pebble beach. It can be reached in about half an hour by foot from Massa Lubrense.  

3. Marina di Puolo

Between Sorrento and Villazzano, the grey sand and pebble beach of Marina di Puolo shows off crystal clear waters, ideal for families with children. It has views of Mount Vesuvius. Those who prefer rocks can reach the Pignatella beach along a short path. 

4. The Queen Giovanna baths

Queen Giovanna's baths are a mythical area of the Sorrento coast, located on the top of Sorrento: a round natural pool (clearly visible on a map) where legend has it that Joan II of Anjou met her lovers at the end of the fourteenth century. It is certainly a very suggestive, very secluded place, but almost always in the shade. 

5. The Marina Grande beach of Sorrento

Through a tunnel dug into the rock in the third century BC, from the centre of Sorrento you can access the Marina Grande beach. A fishing village with many boats and a small sandy beach good for a dip. With a great atmosphere, it is known for its seafood restaurants. 

6. The Marina Piccola beach of Sorrento

Just below the Villa Comunale of Sorrento, near the port, there are some decked out beaches, and stretches of free areas of beach where you can relax and swim without even leaving the city. 

7. Marinella beach

A beach equipped with all comforts, small slides and games for the children, a bar-restaurant and all the services you’d expect from a beach establishment. In the evening you can also dine by the sea. 

8. The beaches of Meta di Sorrento

In Meta di Sorrento you’ll find a large decked out beach that can be easily reached. Even if arriving by train from Naples on the Circumvesuviana. The beach has two sides, one facing north and the other facing south, depending on where the wind blows the choice is yours of where you decide to stay.

9. Turtle beach

In front of this small pebble beach in Vico Equense there is a large rock in the shape of a turtle, hence the name. It can only be reached by the sea with small boats or on the “turtle taxi”. 

10. Scrajo beach

On Scrajo beach in Vico Equense, in addition to the pebbles and emerald sea, there is a pool of sulfurous water from a natural source, a reminder that this land feels the presence of Vesuvius that stands so close by.