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18 March 2023 - 18 June 2023

Vittore Carpaccio, paintings and drawings


The most anticipated Venetian exhibition event of the spring season: the great exhibition “Vittore Carpaccio. Paintings and drawings” which, from March 18th to June 18th, can be viewed in the Doge's Apartment in the Palazzo Ducale.

Thanks to a collaboration between the Venetian Civic Museums and the National Gallery in Washington, the exhibition celebrates the grandeur and splendor of Venice and its vast maritime empire, center of international trade and culture. Vittore Carpaccio shows us a cross-section of thriving Venetian society by placing it in fantastic scenarios enriched with contemporary details.

Impregnated with careful observation rich in poetry and fantasy, his works represent the essence of "Venetian style", the magnificence of the legendary Serenissima Republic, in a peak moment of economic and cultural splendor.

This exhibition, which aims to celebrate Venetian history and tradition through the artist's work, is made possible thanks to loans generously granted by museums, churches, institutes and private collections, in Europe and the United States, allowing works to return to Venice having been away from the lagoon for centuries. The 45 paintings, some of which are large in size, together with numerous drawings, show the painter's special ability to portray every detail of reality, such as nature, perspective, the customs of his time and the effects of light.

A walk through the streets of this stupendous city allows visitors to reach two masterpieces, complete and intact in their places of origin or election: the Legend of Saint Ursula in the Gallerie dell'Accademia and the Cycle of Saint Giorgio degli Schiavoni in the School of the same name.


To find out the days and times of the event check the official website 



For access and ticket prices of the event check the official website 




For access and ticket prices of the event check the official website 


Doge's Palace San Marco, 1, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

Call +390412715911 Website

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