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Umbria: adventures among the rapids

Rafting and Umbria is a decidedly interesting combination for those in search of an adrenalin-pumping adventure surrounded by nature

18 July 2022

In the Monti Sibillini National Park, the natural scenery for this sport is practically perfect, and this is thanks to the meeting of the Velino and Nera rivers, which myth has it were two lovers, from whose tormented and endless love the Marmore Falls, among the highest in Europe, would be created.

Fun is guaranteed by the natural springboards that invite you to dive in.

1. Paddling with a view of the Sibillini Mountains

After reaching Biselli di Norcia or Serravalle di Norcia, in Valnerina, the adventure begins along the Corno river. There are just two requirements: being able to swim and not weighing more than 100 kilos. The natural watercourse is a tributary of the River Nera, and the advice is to set off along its course accompanied by specialised guides.

But in the river park of the Nera River, rafting can be the first of a series of sporting experiences available, ranging from inflatable canoeing to hydrospeeding to canyoning. If your holiday is a little longer and you have children with you, you can go to the Adventure Park with Tibetan bridge or travel back in time with a donkey tour.

Another possibility could be to reach the Val Castoriana and the Monti Sibillini National Park, to explore its unspoilt vegetation in a relaxing walk. Do you like animals but you don’t manage to spot them in the wild? Go to the deer and chamois wildlife centre, also within the same green area. 

2. Flying under the waterfall

Let's get back to rafting: the thrill of being at the foot of the Marmore Falls and its incredible scenery is not an every day thing.

Right in the area there is an equipped centre that will allow you to challenge the Nera river, which gets particularly rough in the area. Here it flows very quickly for almost three kilometres and in some places you can almost see the eddies bubbling between the rocks. The rapids are also grade four, on a scale of 1 to 6, so quite challenging, but if you think that the destination is well-connected, just over an hour from Rome, you can consider coming back several times to “practise”.