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The Grand Tour of Umbria by bus and bike to uncover its most hidden secrets

A tour of Umbria by bus among the hidden valleys, historic villages and verdant hills, leaving behind the car, traffic and parking stress.

3 minutes

A sustainable journey to discover the most intimate and secret side of one of Italy's greenest regions can now be made using a new concept: Bus and Bike, are ideal for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.
The service provides journeys in suburban buses, some of which are also equipped with special trolleys for transporting bicycles, alternating with routes along cycle paths, surrounded by magnificent landscapes
The most intriguing itinerary to explore the most unusual places to visit in Umbria? From Spoleto to Norcia, with various cultural and naturalistic stops. And at the end, tantalising treats for the palate.

From Spoleto to Cascia and Roccaporena

From Spoleto to Cascia and Roccaporena

Departure by bus is from Spoleto, where you can marvel at the Roman Theatre and the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Cycle through lush green terrain before stopping at Cascia, a town with a mystical atmosphere with the Monastery dedicated to Saint Rita of Cascia, where her remains are kept.
Nature is surrounded by an atmosphere of spirituality, which you will also sense in the small village of Roccaporena, the birthplace of the saint, where you can visit the key places of her life, including the house where she was born in 1381. Located in the Valnerina mountain community, Roccaporena enjoys a special position, at an altitude of 700 metres in a spectacular rock crevice that cuts through the two neighbouring mountains. 

A cycle path following the route of a former railway line

ex-railway cycle path

The itinerary from Spoleto to Norcia is crossed by a cycle route of rare beauty. Along this track you may cover sections of varying lengths, and the bus will drop you off at the main starting points. The track, corresponding to the former route of the railway line, covers an overall distance of 51 kilometres. Following its abandonment by the local railway company in 1968, it was later converted into a cycling path. Along the way you will pass through deep gorges and valleys, where some gently sloping sections are present. You will also encounter tunnels and viaducts that span the Valle Umbra Spoletana. You will come across various old structures once used by railway personnel and the imposing Ponte della Caprareccia ex-railway viaduct surrounded by an intense green landscape in the background. The Valnerina (valley of the Black River) and the Valle del Fiume Corno (valley of the Corno River) are enchanting areas with undulating landscapes, presenting well cared for sections of agricultural land and areas of wild natural beauty. 

Norcia - the heart of the ‘Sibillini’ National Park

norcia sibillini

The route of the former railway line will lead you to Norcia, a small enchanting town currently undergoing reconstruction after the serious earthquake that occurred in 2016. Not far away are the Piani del Castelluccio, a plateau with vast areas of flat land at the foot of the Monte Vettore peak. The grandiose landscape is crossed by many mountain-bike trails. From May to July the miraculous flowering of the renowned lentil crops occurs. Across a vast expanse of land the blossoming of the legumes cultivated in this area generates a burst of bright colours resembling a palette of vivid shades. In the autumn, the plain becomes a very popular destination for those who love trekking.

Delicious food and excellent wine

Delicious food and excellent wine

In and around Norcia , small and tasty Castellucciolentils are waiting for you, also perfect as souvenirs to take home. The pork butchery is typical here, and the cured meats are unique: Norcia PGI ham, cut with a knife, sausages. The cheese-making tradition is ancient and you will find various types of pecorino cheese, from the most mature to the freshest, served with pepper, onion or fig compotes.
This Umbrian itinerary will take you on a discovery of another Norcia excellence, the truffle in its two local variants: the Nero Pregiato di Norcia in winter, and the Scorzone, in summer.
Don't forget the handmade tagliolini topped with a generous grating of "black gold" and join the "cavatori" on a harvest day. You will follow the expert gatherers into the woods, and they will teach you how to recognise the tracks in the ground and spot the signs that indicate the presence of truffles; you will see the dogs at work, with their formidable sense of smell and in perfect harmony with the truffle hunter. Back in the village, it will not be difficult for you to find a pork butchery offering cured meat tastings paired with wines, in particular the Sagrantino di Montefalco.

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