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2 days in Perugia: the itinerary

Everything you can’t miss if you are in Perugia for a weekend: history, culture, nature and chocolate.

3 minutes

Perugia is all about sweet magic, and with 48 hours available you can visit the best that this city has to offer with its history, culture, natural beauty and good food. An excellent idea for a romantic weekend, or a getaway with friends or family.

Start from the historic center with a visit to the remains of the Rocca Paolina, a fortress built by Pope Paul III and symbol of papal power. Of the imposing building, part of the mighty walls that protected the ancient citadel remain and can be seen along Viale Indipendenza. The underground section of the ancient Rocca is like a medieval village, consisting of houses, streets, large arches and stairways. Take the escalators from Piazza Indipendenza or Piazza Italia and step back in time.

The mid-morning coffee break is in Piazza IV Novembre, the open-air meeting place in the heart of the city. The Piazza is home to Fontana Maggiore designed by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano. With its pink and white stone, the bronze basin and the meticulous decorations, the fountain is a marvel of medieval sculpture.

Don't miss a visit to the Palazzo dei Priori and inside, the Collegio del Cambio, famous for the Sala delle Udienze hall which contains wonderful frescoes by Perugino. On the third floor of Palazzo dei Priori you can discover the beauty of the National Gallery of Umbria with its extraordinary collection of works of art from the 1200s to the 1900s. Also in Piazza IV Novembre, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo with its Renaissance style is well worth a visit. Another great protagonist of this incredible historical scenario.

At lunch time, you can sit down at a great osteria and discover the authentic cuisine of Umbria! Cold cuts, cheeses, torta al testo and good wines will delight you. In the afternoon, you can enjoy a walk along the steps that run under the remains of the Aqueduct, a grandiose feat of medieval engineering that, thanks to the principle of communicating vessels was able to convey water upwards. Here, you can admire Perugia from another vantage point. The climb is quite long but it is well worth it!

Not too far from the Aqueduct of Perugia is Porta Sole, ancient gate of the Etruscan city wall. Sit on the steps and be amazed by the breathtaking view. If you are in Perugia for a romantic weekend, we recommend that you come here just before sunset so that you can enjoy the amazing sight of golden light over the city.

From Perugia, after visiting the major historical attractions, we set off to visit the surroundings, in the discovery of Lake Trasimeno, the largest lake in central Italy.

40 minutes from Perugia by car, nestling in the Umbrian hills is Lake Trasimeno along the banks of which are various medieval villages of infinite beauty. Visit Castiglione del Lago, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, discover the Palazzo della Corgna with the frescoes by Pomarancio, the Rocca del Leone in all its grandeur, and the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena.

Choose a restaurant overlooking the lake, where you can enjoy a lunch of typical dishes, including homemade pasta and fresh fish. In the afternoon, on your way back to Perugia, stop at San Sisto, just outside the city: an appointment with delicacies for the palate awaits you, with many variations in a single word: chocolate!

Perugia is the city of chocolate par excellence, and official headquarters of Eurochocolate, the biggest European festival on this theme. Don't miss a visit to the Museo Storico Casa del Cioccolato Perugina to learn about the history of one of the most famous Italian brands. An engaging journey with curiosities and anecdotes about the customs and society of the time, but also a multi-sensory journey from the heart of the factory to the aromas, and the tasting of freshly produced chocolate.

Perugia is all about sweet magic and perfect for a visit, what are you waiting for?

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