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5 urban hikes to see 5 panoramic terraces in Perugia

A cradle of priceless artistic and architectural masterpieces, Perugia is an important international tourist and cultural destination.

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A renowned university town for over 700 years, its Athenaeum, Academy of Fine Arts and Conservatory of Music welcome students from all over the world every year.

But the Umbrian capital, perched on the hills of central Italy, with its people-friendly rhythms, guards another, more secret treasure. It is the city of panoramas, an astonishing springboard into nature, an observatory full of vantage points from which to enjoy timeless views.

Up and down between terraces for a healthy and exciting adventure

terraces perugia adventure

Combining historical monuments and contemporary charm, the city will reveal itself to you as a surprising urban hiking route, a succession of ascents and descents, streets, alleys and stairways leading to unexpected views and enchanting landscapes.

You will have no choice but to indulge in the most thrilling of local adventures: the search for the most beautiful terraces, thus turning a simple day into a traditional, healthy and exciting excursion.

The timeless skyline of the Viale Indipendenza Terrace

perugia skyline viale indipendenza

In the heart of Perugia's historic centre, not far from Piazza Italia and the Provincial and Regional Palaces, at the end of Viale Indipendenza, you can enjoy a panoramic stone terrace overlooking Assisi and its countryside.

Dominating the bell tower of San Pietro, the church of San Domenico and Corso Cavour, the terrace will open up before you an unchanging and archaic skyline of roofs and bell towers, tree tops and gentle hills. 

The wonder of Assisi seen from the terrace of the Mercato Coperto

perugia wonder of assisi

An arch separates Corso Vannucci from Piazza Matteotti: the people of Perugia know that crossing it means leaving behind the hustle and bustle of shops, busy passers-by and tourist crowds to enter a realm of tranquillity.

Behind the Mercato Coperto (covered market), with its bustle of bars and shops, a terrace open to the landscape will cast before your eyes an enchanting panorama of valleys, hills and perched villages. Below is the Santa Margherita Park and, in the background, Assisi and Monte Subasio.

Belvedere Carducci: a panoramic and poetic oasis

perugia belvedere

An ideal stop-off point, conveniently located at the end of Corso Vannucci, peppered with museums, churches and palaces, in the never-too-crowded gardens of the Belvedere Carducci, you will find peace and inspiration in addition to incomparable views.

This was certainly the case for Giosué Carducci, the poet after whom the park is named, who composed his Canto dell'Amore (Love Song) here during his time in Perugia.

To this day, the Belvedere remains a romantic destination, and one of the city' most celebrated vantage points: caressed by the sun or soothed by the shade of the trees, you can rest on the park benches, exhilarated by the colours and scent of the flowers, or look out over the balustrade and contemplate the travertine of the houses and the green of the valley warmed by the last rays of the setting sun. 

From the top of the ancient tower... the Cassero di Porta Sant'Angelo

perugia cassero

On a clear day, you can catch a glimpse of it, as it peeps above Perugia's rooftops: this is the Cassero di Porta Sant'Angelo, the largest of the city's mediaeval gates, is one of the last remaining intact defensive towers in the city, as well as being another privileged observation point over Umbrian sunsets.

Located at the beginning of Corso Garibaldi, the Cassero di Porta Sant'Angelo offers a rare view once you climb to the top. If the Keep is closed or inaccessible, you can always enter the green Sant'Angelo Park, which lies behind the tower, and from there enjoy the beauty of the valley below.

Climbing to Porta Sole is a feat with a pleasant ending

climbing towards the sun gate

Via Delle Prome, the highest point in the city, is undoubtedly an arduous and tiring destination to reach. After a long flight of steps that overlooks the neighbourhoods of Borgo Sant'Antonio and Borgo Sant'Angelo, the urban hike will surely come to its full fruition.

As in the greatest feats, however, the ending is breathtaking: you will experience a magical moment at the finish line, Porta Sole. The panorama below you embraces the whole of Perugia, stretching across the gentle contours of central Italy.

Don't underestimate the descent towards the city, as you will have beautiful views not only of the landscape but also of the steps themselves, which are a marvel. Look for the Orto Sole association, a Social Promotion Association that makes green spaces available to the community by promoting a culture of healthy living and by developing projects aimed at social support. It will be great to meet them.

And then all out to celebrate the food of the gods

perugia food

Speaking of Perugia and unique experiences, we must of course mention chocolate, the jewel in the crown of Umbrian gastronomic tradition. Indeed, the city is home to numerous activities related to the delicious food industry.

If this tempts you, between one terrace and another, you can visit and explore the shops hidden among the alleys and in the squares, and perhaps combine the sightseeing itinerary with the annual Eurochocolate event, a traditional gastronomic fair that attracts visitors from Italy and around the world every October. The city becomes a sweet open-air festival with tastings, shows, parades, meetings and workshops.

In essence, Perugia, a destination for art and culture, can satisfy those who love beautiful views and those who do not forego hiking and walking, even in the city.

There is no shortage of chocolate to recharge your batteries in the city, as well as platters of cold cuts and excellent glasses of wine: so don't hold back, what you will see when you reach your destination will restore your peace with the world.

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