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Outdoor Umbria: family-friendly experiences

Adventure and emotions for all the family.

15 July 2022

2 minutes

Umbria holds endless surprises in store for families with many enjoyable outdoor activities involving nature, animals and sports. Adventurous trips into the heart of the Sibillini Mountains, sport on bicycles, stopping off in some of the most ancient Mediaeval villages, or days on a boat sailing to sunny islands and unforgettable moments in contact with animals sleeping in tents under starry skies: Umbria is a highly recommended destination for dynamic families looking for entertainment, recreation and relaxation.

And here is the Umbria we'd like to tell you about.

1. Along the Assisi | Spoleto | Marmore Cycle Route

A route for everyone, even families with children, for an outdoor experience in the saddle covering 104 km through some of the most beautiful Mediaeval villages in Umbria Three stages boasting a wealth of beauty, history and unspoilt nature: we set off from Assisi and arrive in Spoleto, then pass through Sant'Anatolia di Narco to finish the tour faced by the splendid scenery of the Marmore Waterfall. A medium-easy route to be enjoyed in several stages while discovering the wonders of Umbria and its gem-like villages.

2. Adventure and enjoyment at the Marmore Waterfalls

It’s so easy to give your kids a wonderful surprise. The Marmore Waterfalls are an ideal destination for all families looking for adventure and outdoor fun. Incredible views surrounded by impressive water jumps, paths set amidst the greenery, natural caves enclosed in an underground world and the chance to enjoy many different sporting activities, such as soft rafting or river walking. And during Summer, don't miss the delightful light show that illuminates the waterfall at night to become even more evocative, magical and fascinating.

3. A boat trip around the islands of Lake Trasimeno

Grab your backpack and some comfortable shoes: Polvese and Maggiore can be reached by boat and are a wonderful experience for your kids. Maggiore resembles the perfect fishing village. A walk along the lakefront is truly enjoyable, especially on sunny days. Don't miss the Chapel of San Francesco and the rock where he stopped to pray, Guglielmi Castle and the Lace Museum. Polvese, on the other hand, is particularly interesting from a naturalistic point of view and is a part of the Lake Trasimeno Fauna Oasis. There is the chance to visit the Garden of Aquatic Plants and is ideal for a picnic on the lakeside beaches. 

4. Animals and nature: Trekking with Mules

Experience nature in contact with animals, immerse yourself in the silence of woods and the wonders of valleys and mountain landscapes, take a rest in the mountain huts and discover ancient Mediaeval villages... perhaps even by donkey! The Monti Sibillini National Park offers the chance for trekking with mules, a truly unique experience over routes suitable for everyone for a fun day for the kids and regeneration for adults. The adventure continues for all families deciding to stay overnight in the hiking refuges or even better in tents under the moonlight.