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Mount Subasio Park: a protected and sacred natural area

A natural oasis that the ancient Umbrians regarded sacred, and to which the story of St Francis is inextricably linked.

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Even today at the Mount Subasio Park, which extends across 4 municipalities in the province of Perugia, namely Assisi, Spello, Nocera Umbra and Valtopina, a mystical atmosphere can be experienced.

Spirituality yes, but also movement. With a surface area of 7,169 hectares, the Monte Subasio Park is the perfect area for sports such as trekking, mountain biking and horse riding. 

Franciscan memories and environmental protection

Franciscan memories and environmental protection

Among the green paths of the Mount Subasio Park, the Patron Saint of Italy, with his love for creation, was inspired. Perfect nature that surrounds its every corner, of course, generates gratitude for such beauty.
Just look at the olive groves on its slopes or the vast meadows of the plains that look like immense velvet carpets. Not to mention, of course, the dense oak and holm oak forests that frame the Umbrian reserve, established in 1995.

Suggestions in pink

Suggestions in pink

Just looking closely at the monuments, squares and churches in Assisi, Spello and the neighbouring villages is enough to be struck not only by their architectural beauty, but also by the pink stone with which they are built and which makes them shine. It comes from Monte Subasio and has always been chosen for its perfection and resistance. What characterises it is its particular colour that makes it almost hypnotic at any time of day. With light, it tends to change shades and become almost amber-coloured, giving a new look to buildings. 

Walking among the places of St Francis

Walking among the places of St Francis

Around the Mount Subasio Park, there are many tributes to St Francis, as well as areas related to Franciscan living. One of them is the Hermitage of the Carceri, in Assisi, in an enchanting area, amidst centuries-old holm oaks at an altitude of 800 metres, where St Francis and his Order used to retreat to pray and meditate.

While in Spello, we recommend a visit to the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, with the Baglioni Chapel, decorated with frescoes by Pinturicchio, paintings by Perugino and Deruta majolica.

The church of San Francesco is in Nocera Umbra, a tribute to his stays in the area.

If you are fascinated by pilgrimages, there is the Via di Francesco, a hiking trail to be explored on foot, but also on horseback. Connecting the most significant places of and for the Saint, starting from the Sanctuary of La Verna, in the province of Arezzo, and arriving in Rome 500 km later.

Overall, the Monte Subasio Park area is perfect for trekking, also thanks to the good network of trails. But not only that: as this area is particularly exposed to air currents, it is very suitable for those who want to try paragliding, free flight or even just flying your own kite.

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