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On a mainly clayey hill, rises Sellano, in a generous territory rich in springs. With your eyes full of this enchantment of woods and streams, you arrive at the town centre, a small jewel of history, tradition and art: walking around you can admire fine buildings such as the Palazzo Comunale, the church of San Francesco and the church of Santa Maria, which houses the remains of Blessed Jolo, a hermit who lived in the 13th-14th centuries and is now the town's patron saint. In the surrounding area, pretty hamlets are tiny jewels to visit. And then, queen of the trip, will be the food and wine: Umbria welcomes its visitors with intense flavours, with dishes to taste and wines to sample. Among them all, one is the star of the table: the Umbrian Precious Black Truffle, with its aromatic scent that enhances and makes unique the dishes to which it is paired.


06030 Sellano PG, Italia

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