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The charme of Citerna begins before arriving: the streets leading to the hill on which it is perched are a melody of shapes and colours that intertwine until reaching the village. Here, the small medieval village welcomes you with its Rocca, a fortification of Longobard origin that protected the town in past centuries and that today, from its terrace, allows your gaze to touch Mount della Verna and Mount Fumaiolo, from which the Tiber rises. Continuing our discovery of the beauties of this village, we will stop to visit the church of San Michele Arcangelo, where the Crucifixion on wood by Pomarancio is kept, the 15th-century Palazzo Vitelli and the church of San Francesco, which preserves important works. Then, we return to the horizon and stroll along the medieval walkway that runs along the walls, scanning the surroundings for new stories of knights and battles.


06010 Citerna PG, Italia

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