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Punta Larici


For a trekking experience to take your breath away

If you love trekking, the path to Punta Larici, a panoramic terrace above Lake Garda, more than 900 metres above sea level, is not to be missed.

Set off from Pregasina, a small village on the mountain side of the Ledro Alps, at the valley head, you will reach your destination in a few hours, on a route that is not difficult, but not for amateurs either.

The trail follows the path created during the Great War by the Italian military and follows several mule tracks. We begin by taking the forest road to Malga Palaer and cross a thick beech forest for about half an hour.

On the way, it is worth stopping at the Regina Mundi statue, located at a point offering a breathtaking view of the lake. Carrying on along the Senter de la Costa and from here you reach Punta Larici, which overlooks the northwestern shore of Lake Garda and offers scenery that will make it all worthwhile.
The route is passable both on foot and by mountain bike.

Punta Larici

punta larici, 38066 Riva del Garda TN, Italia

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