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Trentino: slow beauty

Rediscovering the delights of walking, allowing yourself to enjoy a spa treatment, moving between enchanting villages and discovering art.

A holiday designed for the well-being of body and soul, to regain or re-adjust your personal balance and return home enriched, with images of absolute beauty - as well as inevitable selfies and souvenir photos - embedded deep in your heart. Trentino is a continuous discovery of natural beauties and artefacts from various eras, the Dolomites, streams and lakes, parks and trails within everyone's reach. The great outdoors, of course, with exciting activities in the mountains (in summer or winter, with or without skis) - yet now we went in search of experiences to help re-establish a correct relationship between people and the environment. Rediscovering the delights of walking, allowing yourself to enjoy a spa treatment, moving between enchanting villages and discovering art.<br><br>

"Breathe, you're in Trentino” is not just a cheerful advertising slogan because hereabouts, under the gaze of the Alps, you really can regain the pleasure of breathing deeply.

1. Natural pampering

Immersed in natural scenery, among scenic mountain forests and more than ten thousand springs, there are six spas in Trentino - each with different medicinal characteristics and special features - where you can heal or regenerate body and mind. An oasis of relaxation, in peace and quiet, where you can find your own path to well-being and "get back into shape".

2. Respectful holidays

If you have decided (as all of us should) to look after the environment in your everyday life, you can continue doing so even on holiday by choosing to stay in the many eco-friendly venues in Trentino. Here, wood, stone and glass give life to accommodation facilities with a low environmental impact that doesn't sacrifice comfort.

3. Walking to find ourselves again

Walking, something all but lost and forgotten in the contemporary world, is not only a way to go from one place to another but also to rediscover ourselves and even achieve an inner journey. Surrounded by nature, passing through villages and flanking mountain lakes.

4. Timeless art

Even a visit to see the most iconic creations of modern and contemporary art can improve our well-being. You can admire works from the most important international public and private collections in the halls of Mart in Rovereto (Trento). There are also many exhibitions dedicated to the great classics.

5. Atmospheres of times gone by

Six of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy" are in Trentino and many more are well worth a visit. The choice is yours, between small Mediaeval towns, especially in the valleys, or typical Alpine villages where you can smell wood burning in fireplaces all year round.