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Savoca is a village that has a very close bond with the land: its name derives from the elder ('savucu' in dialect) that grows wild here. Dominating the village are the ruins of the Pentefur Castle and the village was once surrounded by walls, of which only the City Gate remains today. Worth seeing are the Mother Church where, in the basement, it was customary to mummify corpses, and the Church of San Nicolò, perched on a rocky outcrop. A curiosity: both the latter and Bar Vitelli, housed in the 18th-century Palazzo Trimarchi, were chosen as sets for the film The Godfather. But to get to know Savoca, you have to stop... at the table! Not to be missed are the handmade fresh pasta tagliatelle served with wild fennel and pork ragout, or the 'maccaruna' macaroni served with pork rinds or aubergines.


98038 Savoca ME, Italia

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