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There are places where the eyes open wide for beauty, and Sorradile is one of them. Nestled on a gentle slope overlooking Lake Omodeo, the village is embraced by a breathtaking landscape of olive groves, vineyards, almond and oak trees: from the streets but especially from the terraces of the village, the gaze can sweep and caress the hills, the lake and the rows of vines. This is a territory with an ancient history, as evidenced by the many archaeological sites including domus de janas and nuraghi, many of which can only be seen in periods of low rainfall, because they are otherwise submerged by the waters of the lake. Sorradile is closely intertwined with its lake, therefore, but there is another element that sets it apart and that is the red colour of the trachyte with which the buildings in the historic centre are constructed. Landscape, culture and matter... Sorradile is ready to be discovered and loved.


09080 Sorradile OR, Italia

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