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Sardinia, where canyoning goes from mountains to the sea

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From the heart of Ogliastra to the emerald sea of the Gulf of Orosei, crossing a canyon: this is Bacu Padente, combining sea and mountain, the two most beautiful and wild natural features in Sardinia.
But beware, it is a route suitable only for experienced canyoneers .

Canyoning at Bacu Padente

We are in the natural oasis which includes the Gennargentu and the Gulf of Orosei and is among the most surprising destinations in Sardinia.

Amongst itineraries for trekking or mountain biking, there is also room for a more adventurous sport such as canyoning. The ancient canyon of Bacu Padente, which in Sardinian means wooded gorge, is now dry. The route is tough as well as spectacular.

The path is reached from Piana del Golgo towards Ololbissi. The cliffs are breathtaking and the view is no less amazing as it runs over the emerald sea surrounded by the wildest land. One jump after another, to be tackled with ropes, leads to the Su Tentorgiu cave which leads straight to the sea. The last descent is the most daring, more than 30 metres. Reminder: you will need a torch to go through the cave.

At the exit of the cave, wonderful scenery opens up, but the descent is not yet over. There is still another wall of about 10 metres to tackle to get almost to the surface of the water, right on the reef. At this point you deserve a refreshing dip.
From there, you go back into the Bacu to take the path upwards. Alternatively, you can ascend from Cala Mariolu or Cala Goloritzé.

The Fig Cave

Before returning, however, you cannot miss a visit to the Fig Cave. It can be reached from the sea, but for those descending the walls of Bacu Padente there is another way. It is an impassable path that here and there makes use of ancient routes traced by shepherds to reach the cave entrance, such as the 'stairs and fustes'.

This place was also called Sea Ox Cave because the monk seal took refuge here. Today it is a speleological marvel that can be visited along footbridges through halls and tunnels. There is also an internal well that communicates with the sea. It is worth stopping for a guided tour, which lasts about one hour.

The Wild Blue Trail

Those who want to dare more can take the Selvaggio Blu (Blue Wilderness) path, which crosses during the descent of Bacu Padente.

It is a five-day trek that crosses the entire Gulf of Orosei. You sleep among sheepfolds and bivouacs and the views are always amazing.

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