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Scano di Montiferro


As its name already implies, Scano di Montiferro lies at the foot of Monte Ferru, in an area of great beauty, where the green of the centuries-old forests is made particularly bright by the great presence of water. In fact, the village is surrounded by a landscape rich in water springs that are famous for their benefits to the body. Particularly important is the spring of Sant'Antioco, which feeds the water mills of the Rio Mannu, and also of great beauty is the waterfall in a wood on the edge of the village, called S'Istrampu de Alere. This fertile landscape is the ideal cradle for the cultivation of vines and olive trees: a highly prized oil, winner of many awards, is produced here, and the meadows laden with flowers and nectar have made possible a great development of beekeeping, with the production of a honey renowned for its taste and fragrance. Accompanying nature and typical flavours are the ancient remains that tell of the territory's past, including nuraghi and domus de janas.

Scano di Montiferro

09078 Scano di Montiferro OR, Italia

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