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In the heart of the Mandrolisai hills lies the small village of Samugheo, in an area rich in archaeological remains and sites, with its domus de janas of Spelunca Orre, the Paule Luturu giants' tomb, the nuraghe of Perda Orrubia and the Judaic sepulchre in the locality of Pranu 'e Laccos. If the oldest history of Samugheo is narrated by these precious remains, its essence is encapsulated in a tradition that still represents the village and its people: weaving. Since time immemorial, the hands of the villagers have been weaving threads, textiles and weaves, so much so that the Museo Unico Regionale dell'Arte Tessile (Unique Regional Museum of Textile Art) is dedicated to this splendid example of craftsmanship, where ancient carpets, tapestries and blankets made on wooden looms are preserved. And even the village itself tells of the importance of weaving, the protagonist of the many murals that colour the walls of the centre.


09086 Samugheo OR, Italia

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