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Lodè is a typical mountain village, which one encounters on arriving at the foot of Mount Calvario, and its characteristic element, along with greenery and rock, is water: in fact, the Rio Mannu flows nearby, with the waterfall of Sos Golleos, which throughout history have favoured the village's agro-pastoral economy. Stone houses, wooden balconies and the last examples of 'pennettu', the old shepherds' huts-shelters, welcome visitors to the historic centre of the village, narrating its mountain atmosphere and its soul closely linked to the territory. Lodè, however, is also a village in which traditions have crossed the centuries to arrive intact to the present day. Particularly fascinating is the feast of Sant'Antonio Abate, celebrated on 16 January each year by lighting large bonfires in the streets of the village, made with bundles of dry wood placed around a large trunk, known as 'su pennetu de Santu Antoni' (St Anthony's hut). For Saint Anthony's Day, the village takes a leap back in time, allowing the archaic gestures and rites of fire and earth to re-emerge, in a dance of enchantment and folklore that cannot be described: one must live it, feel it on one's skin, and let oneself be infected by its ancient beauty.


07052 Lodè NU, Italia

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