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Lei is a small mountain town, an ancient town with a fascinating history that can still be recounted thanks to the remains of the civiloizations that first inhabited the area, such as the domus de janas in the localities of Su Ferrighesu and Muros and some nuraghi. The picturesque village, however, has a soul that, in addition to history and traditions, is made up of wild and unspoilt nature. It stands at the centre of an area covered with holm oaks, chestnut trees, yews, downy oaks and centuries-old oaks: its woods are a treasure chest of nature of great beauty, with centuries-old trees, springs and streams echoing. The traveller who loves to explore the landscape and its inhabitants - majestic birds such as buzzards, imperial ravens and goshawks can be seen here - will be able to follow the paths and trails that will lead them through this enchanted setting, between the green of the mountains and the bright blue of the sky.


08010 Lei NU, Italia

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