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Protected by the waters of the Cedrino to the west and east by the imposing Todavista with the natural monument of Sa Preta Istampata, the mediaeval village of Galtellì is enveloped by an aura of quiet spirituality.

The historical devotion of the town can be inferred from the presence of as many as 5 churches in the space of a square kilometre, among which the parish church of the Most Holy Crucifix and the former cathedral of St. Peter stand out. Many religious celebrations are held in honour of the Holy Crucifix, a valuable wooden work of art kept in the church of the same name. Several miracles were attributed to the crucifix in the 17th century, attracting pilgrims from all over the island. Galtellì is not only a destination for religious pilgrimages: every year, many people visit the town inspired by their literary interests. Nobel Literature Prize winner Grazia Deledda decided to set what was to become her best-known work in Galtellì "Canne al Vento". The village in the novel changes its name to "Galte", but the houses, streets and corners that inspired the writer remain very identifiable, and can be visited along the itinerary of the Deleddian Literary Park. Also worth a visit is the "Casa Marras ethnographic museum", an example of a manor house from the early 18th century, restored and furnished with original furniture, objects and work tools. Among the events, not to be missed is Holy Week, during which the community maintains a link with traditions.

The presence of Mount Tuttovista makes Galtellì a valuable destination for trekking and walking enthusiasts. The mountain does not fail to live up to its name, and from the 800 metres of the summit it is possible to enjoy magnificent views that include Mount Albo, the Cedrino river course, several inland municipalities and the beautiful Gulf of Orosei. The village is a favourite destination for tourists who like to visit Sardinia in a slow and unhurried way, as well as for Sardinians themselves.


07052 Galtellì NU, Italia

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