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Galtellì, set like a precious stone on the calcareous plateau at the foot of Monte Tuttavista, has an elegant and well-kept historic centre and preserves several archaeological sites in its territory, the most striking of which are the Su Gardu nuraghe and the Sa Ena 'e Thomes tomb of the giants in the neighbouring territory of Dorgali. A land of history and nature, it fascinates with the imposing Sa Pedra Istampada, where it is possible to see the Roccia Forata, sculpted by the wind, but the soul of Galtellì is one woven with literature. In fact, it was here that the Sardinian writer Grazia Deledda set her famous novel 'Canne al vento'. Her poetry is closely intertwined with the town, and the Literary Park named after her organises guided tours and itineraries to accompany travellers through literary places, retracing the atmospheres of literature, which is life to be experienced at every step, history to be read on the faces and in the details of this enchanting village.


07052 Galtellì NU, Italia

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